A History of Food Photography – Part 3

‘Food’ photographs first appeared in the early 19th century resembling still lifes, focusing on realism, composition, and importantly lighting effects – essential to any photograph. Photography’s first still life was a table set for a meal, by Nicephore Niepce in 1827. … Continued

International Food Photography Day 2012

Arabic music drifts like a lullaby to exotic dreams, merging with zingy scents of mint and lemon, sharp bursts of garlic and gentle cinnamon. Candle light flickers through the patina of delicate lanterns. The table is set with glass and … Continued

International Food Photography Day 2012

We are having such an exciting time here at HQ hearing all about the plans you have for the first-ever International Food Photography Day on the 14th November 2012. StockFood are even running their own exciting competition, Phoodstudios are hosting … Continued

Q and A with Food Photographer Jed Alder

For our fifth interview with 2012 category winners we talk to Jed Alder, winner of Cream of the Crop for his image Home-Grown Garlic seen below. We have recently heard from Jed that he is busy selecting images for 2013, … Continued

An Interview with Food Photographer Lou Manna

Lou Manna is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in national advertising campaigns, major magazines, and more than 40 books. With this in mind we asked Lou if he would mind sharing a little about his background, his ideas … Continued

Q and A with Food Photographer Hilary Moore

The winning Food Portraiture image for 2012 was ‘Blueberry Ice Cream’ captured by Hilary Moore. We asked Hilary to share with us details of her background in photography for our forth blog feature with our 2012 category winners. If you … Continued

Q and A with Chilean Food Photographer Araceli Paz

We are delighted to welcome Araceli Paz to our guest blog for our third questions and answers session. Araceli was our 2012 Food for Sale category winner for her image ‘Chicken in Marrakech Market’ seen below right. We hope you enjoy … Continued