We have a series of exciting categories for you to enter your creative food photography into, including three new categories for 2014, unearthed® Food in Film, Food Bloggers and Food Politics. Follow the hyperlinks and prepare to be inspired!

Photo gallery of categories

StockFood Food off the Press

We want to see examples from the very best previously-published photographic work, whether from books, newspapers, magazines or advertisements.



Food for Celebration

We want to see images of festive, celebratory food from across the world. Whether it be Christmas, Divali or Chanukah, Easter, birthdays or weddings. Tables groaning with food, people eating special festive foods, or even preparing it.

Sponsored by Champagne Taittinger



Food Bloggers

We are looking for images that perfectly complement a blog. The pictures can be of anything at all relating to a blog, whether ingredients, the process of making a finished dish, at home or in a restaurant.

Supported by Aspire Photography Training



Politics of Food

We are looking for photo-journalistic images that show the reality of issues relating to food anywhere in the world. Subject matter can include anything from food production on a small scale or a large scale, consumption of food, lack of food, an image that tells a story.


An Apple a Day

We are looking for the most exciting, creative, inventive, beautiful images of – an apple! It could be on a tree, on a plate, floating through the air, bobbing in water, in a child’s hand. We want to see the simplest, most delicious of foods represented in the most inspiring way.


Cream of the Crop

We want to see the very best product shots, from muddy bunches of carrots to a bowl of rice or coffee beans, to a side of beef or a gleaming platter of fresh fish.


Food in the Street

We are looking for evocation of the character and liveliness of street food – anything from chestnuts roasted in a London street, to crepes being made in Paris to samosa in Bombay station or stir fry in Bangkok.


Food and its Place

We are looking for images that summon up the essence of their place. Whether it be Cornish fishermen lifting nets of sardines, Kentish farmers picking cherries, or Melton Mowbray bakers making pork pies, in the UK. Or further afield, Greek olive farmers shaking the trees or Russian ice-cream sellers.


Food Sn-apping

In support of Action Against Hunger

Pictures of food – any time, any place, anywhere – taken on your mobile device.

Only £5 to enter. £2 for every image entered in this category will go to Action Against Hunger (Registered charity no.1047501)


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Young (under 18s)

We are looking for any image at all featuring food. Food in the field, food on your plate, food in the street. Wherever you see food, you can take a prize-winning image.

Age groups: 15-17, 11-14, 10 and under

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year

We are looking for images of all things vinous. You can submit your image into any of the three sub-categories:


refers to the wine itself. This could be a glass of wine on a table in the sunshine or sherry pouring from a bottle in the winter.


refers to the people involved in making the wine, so this could be the owner of a grand wine estate in Chile, or a wine-maker with just a few acres of vines in Macon. Images can be portraits, or they can be action shots.


is for any place associated with the craft of making wine; the vineyards, the cellars or the winery itself for example.


Food in the Field

Food in its natural setting, whether it is a field of maize, a pig truffling in the mud, apples weighing down a branch, or a lush cocoa plantation.


Food for Sale

We want to see the very best shots of food for sale, be it a game auction in Cumbria, spices in a market in Senegal, macaroons in a chic Parisian emporium or apples in a cardboard box at the garden gate.


The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action

In memory of Philip Harben, the first TV chef in the UK, who also started out as a photographer. A passionate communicator of the art of cooking, he encouraged post-war Britain to regain its enthusiasm for food and cookery. We want to see images of people cooking anywhere and everywhere, whether at home, in professional kitchens, over a campfire, in a ship’s galley.


Food Portraiture

We want to see images of food that are good enough to eat. And ready to eat, whatever it may be – a plate of crisp whitebait, a soufflé trembling and piping hot, a steaming bowl of soup with home-made bread, an oozing slice of cream cake on a napkin, a bacon sandwich, roast Sunday lunch.


unearthed® Food in Film

We want to see really exciting, impactful, moving, funny short films about food – in any context. You can submit your film into any of the three sub-categories – Documentary, Non-documentary, and Young (for under 18′s)


could depict anything from the reality of food production and the environment, a family celebration feast, the story of one food shop or café, even the contents of a fridge.


allows you tell stories, whether to sell a product (commercials are permitted) or simply to let your imagination run free.


is for film-makers under 18. Provided your film has food at its heart, you can make it about anything you like.


Films will be judged on content and may be no longer than two minutes in length (120 seconds) including titles and credits.