Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is inspired by the proliferation of wonderful food photography in a huge variety of applications. From eye-catching advertising hoardings, to sumptuous editorial features, from tempting food packaging to daily blogs. The Food Photography Awards celebrate this magnificent diversity in what is truly, the stuff of life.

The Food Photography Awards seek to single out not only technical skill, but originality of treatment and a real sense of connection with the subject matter whatever it may be. Whether simply an apple on a plate, a cake of spun sugar, a baker covered in flour at four in the morning, or a pot simmering on an open fire in the African bush.

We are looking for professional and amateur photographers alike, in our search for the very best depictions of this marvellously varied subject of food, which unites us all.

Entering is easy

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Log into your account with your e-mail address and password.
  3. Upload your photos.
  4. Enter your photos (adult entries will be taken to PayPal for their entry fee).

You do not have to upload all your photos at one time, but each time you do, you will have to log in so please make sure you remember your user email and password. For further details on the entry process please click here or see our FAQs page.