5 minutes with Carissa Wyten, Creative Director at Orama.tv and a Global Media Consultant

blankWhat are the current trends in food at the moment?

People are OBSESSED with food – eating it, snapping it, sharing it and promoting it.

We are seeing an increased number of food related content, outside of recipes and tutorials being posted online and the appetite for it is increasing.

Artfully plated dishes along with desserts get the lion’s share of interest but also we are seeing every day food such as burgers get healthy amount of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

#FOODPORN or #FOODART as we like to call it, is here to stay!

Where are you seeing this content being hosted?

Predominantly on YouTube and Instagram. For example, food is the fastest growing genre on YouTube and it is not surprising with Jamie Oliver’s FOODTUBE attracting almost 1.5 million subscribers currently.

Moving imagery is key. Food films that offer entertainment and engagement are winning out – just ask the guys at Sorted or Tastemade. They take their audiences on a culinary and lifestyle journey and capitalise on the fact cooking and food content doesn’t always have to be serious.

Who are the people posting and sharing food content?

Everyone! The internet has democratised food as we know it, i.e. you don’t need to be in Michelin star kitchen or restaurant to enjoy watching Michelin star dishes being prepared.

Also it is no longer ‘taboo’ to take your phone out during a meal to sneak a cheeky snap of your burger + lobster but instead we are almost encouraged to do so by restaurant owners, cafes and peers alike.

Perhaps this candid approach isn’t always etiquette in the Michelin starred dining rooms that we have the privilege of filming in regularly but it is common practice in the high street and popular haunts and brings people together around the globe.

What do you hope to see from this year’s PLFPOTY awards?

I have been impressed with the level of talent and imagery of last year’s event and in particular the diversity. This type of imagery takes FOODART to the next level and stirs real emotion within the viewer.

Professional food photography can take you on a real journey; a pilgrimage back to your homeland, tapping into your earliest childhood memories or reminiscent of your favourite holiday or a nervous first date and the comforting smells of your mum’s home cooking.

Orama look forward to seeing what 2015 finalists have to offer!

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