A Jabber with Angela

Angela_Nicholson_Camera_Jabber_01_001-150x150As we welcome Camera Jabber as an exciting new media partner we talk to Angela Nicholson, Reviews Editor to get some words of wisdom for all those budding entrants out there!

1) What benefits do you see in entering photographic competitions?

Aside from the prize and attention that winning a competition like the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year brings, I think the main benefit is that it really gives your photography focus. The judges are looking for original and creative work, so to be in with a chance of winning you have to apply your mind as well as your technical know-how and creativity.

A good starting point when you’re thinking about entering a competition is to look at past winning and finalist images. Analysing them and comparing them with your own shots will help you improve your photography.


2) How would you suggest our entrants best select which categories to enter?

I recommend reading through all the category descriptions and seeing which attract your attention the most. Perhaps there’s a subject that you feel strongly about or an event that deserves the limelight?

Also take a look at the galleries of previous finalists’ images. They may spark a few ideas and get you thinking.

In some cases you may realise that you have an image that fits the bill, but generally I recommend shooting specifically for the competition. That way you’ll be sure to meet the brief and you’ll get the most benefit from entering.

3) What advice can you give for selecting which images to enter?

Well the first step is to ensure that the images are technically perfect. Obviously there’s scope for creative blur, moody exposures and the like, but there’s no room for missed focus or dull images.

The photography also needs to be original and not a straight copy of a previous winner. Your images should also have a clear link to the subject and the category in question.

It can be helpful to show friends and family your images and see which pull them in the most. Your entries needs to be memorable and to standout from all the others.

Camera-Jabber_1804) Have you got any key articles you think may help entrants in the process?

We’ve got quite a few articles that could be help, 10 Quick Food Photography Tips and 6 Quick Tricks to Improve Your Food Photography make good starting points, but entrants for some Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Awards categories may find our street photography tips useful. We’ve also got some great black and white photography tips and photo editing tips that could help.



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