A VIP for Life!

One of the exciting prize elements of becoming Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is that you will receive a Lifetime Zenfolio VIP Account. The current annual value of this account is £300GBP and will endure for the lifetime of the winner.

Our 2016 winner Mark Benham recently completed the development of his Zenfolio account, head over and take a look here.

So we took some time out to ask him about the process of setting up the account.

_MG_8409a1) Mark the images look stunning, how did you decide which ones to include?

There’s a strong link between the land in which we live and the food we grow, so I decided to combine the two on this website, encompassed in World of Food and Landscapes. I enjoy working in both areas, telling stories through my photography. My food photography looks at the bigger picture, hence the 'World of Food', which, over time, will expand to a bigger archive.

2) How long did it take to create the site?

Admittedly a bit of head scratching at first, but once I got the gist, it took about a week to build the basis of what you see now, since then I’ve been tinkering when I’ve had time. I’ll get round to adding descriptive text for each page in due course. Zenfolio’s ‘Customer Success’ one-to-one sessions have been very helpful.


3) What are the core benefits of using the Zenfolio platform?

The main benefits seem to be the breadth of facilities for those in the commercial arena. Although I'm not utilising them yet, I intend to incorporate features which will allow me to sell from the site.


4) How often will you aim to update the site?

Not sure, probably when I’ve new content to add, which, hopefully, will be quite regularly – I like to keep my sites fresh and up to date.


IMG_6911a5) What exciting projects have you been working on recently?

For a year now I’ve been working on ‘Rich Pickings’, documenting a year in the life of a market garden near Bath in Somerset, I’m currently collating the shots and beginning the writing for a book. I’ve also been working with Bistrot Pierre, a chain of Anglo-French restaurants throughout the UK, shooting images which reflect their brand, and Bellita in Bristol, a bar with delicious food drawing inspiration from Spain, North Africa and the Middle East.

I’m always looking for new subjects to photograph, most recently I’ve photographed chefs working in an authentic Indian restaurant, butchers at work in a traditional butchers shop and fishermen in Lybster on the north east of Scotland. This year I plan to host food related photography courses in France.

To connect with Mark visit:

Website: http://markbenham.zenfolio.com/

Twitter: @MNBenham

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mark-Benham-Photography

Website: www.markbenham.co.uk



If you'd like to know more about Zenfolio and the services they offer visit:

Website: https://en.zenfolio.com/uk/

Twitter: @zenfolio

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenfolio

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