Appreciate Every Piece

Marcin Jucha was our Politics of Food 2016 Winner for his image ‘Appreciate Every Piece’. He explains, “life in Cuba is not easy. Especially when it comes to food in the city. That's why people rise and slaughter their pigs in back yards, portion them in the living room and sell straight from their window. There is no waste, what's come from God needs to be appreciated.”


Technical: NIKON D90 NIKKOR 18.0-105.0mm at 18mm f/4.0 ISO400 1/1000s

How does it feel to be a Finalist for the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2016?

I’m very excited but also very surprised, I never thought that my image can go this far in this competition but as people say, if you don't try you won't know. Marcin is seen below receiving his award from Jay Rayner and Andy Macdonald.


Please tell us more about capturing your Finalist image. For example; what was happening around you, what inspired the shot, what time of day, challenges you had in capturing it.

There are a few ways to get the perfect shot, but I think you always need to be close enough your subject and also be there long enough to blend in, the picture will be more natural, will always give a realistic feeling to the audience about that place, that situation. The challenge was the situation at that time, as a foreigner being in a private house in Cuba is not legal. Witnessing and documenting a situation like this can cause confrontation with the police or even worse Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, so looking at all this, I can only say lighting condition was no bad at all!

What would you say attracts you most to the photography of food?

It is challenging. Food photography is not only about feeding your eyes but also other senses. Making audience feel hungry, feeling that smell of roasted coffee, bringing childhood memories about homemade pie, making people try to lick a chocolate drop, that’s what food photography is all about. However, I feel better and more myself taking pictures of food in documentary style, without stylist, without studio lighting, in more obscure places, highlighting importance of food in daily life.

Please tell us a little about where you live and if, at all, how it influences your photography.

I used to live in Plymouth, South West England. Well, unfortunately it was quite rainy and dark weather there, but that keeps me most of the time in my studio without regretting time spent indoors. When sunny days arrive then there was no better place to be as food photographer. Living on the Devon and Cornish borders has benefits from both places. Organic farms and gardens, grazing sheep on rolling hills, fishermen and traditional food markets, what can be more inspiring?

What exciting projects have you been working on since winning the category?

Since I won the Politics of Food category my life has changed dramatically, I started to believe in myself even more than ever and few months ago I decided to follow my passion and voice of my soul.

IMG_4921Images above and below: Marcin Jucha

My love for travel, landscape and food photography now turns into a project of my life.

IMG_5015Together with my beloved German shepherd dog we decided to leave everything behind, pack gear and stuff into my car and just go. We are now into the third month of travelling around Europe, currently in Andalucía, Spain with Portugal and Morocco on horizon.

I rely 100% on my photography in terms of financial support, so doing what I love all day long is like a dream come true to me.

To connect with Marcin visit:


Twitter: @juchamarcin

Instagram: @yumarcin


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