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Philip_Harben_CookingSince our inception in 2012, the Food in Action category has proved particularly popular and has sparked creative entries that have gone on to win Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year titles.

The category is in memory of Philip Harben, the first TV chef in the UK, who also started out as a photographer. He was married to Katherine Kenyon, the sister of Director Caroline’s father-in-law, Max Kenyon.

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Visit to watch footage of Philip Harben in 1951.

For The Telegraph in 2000, Caroline wrote,

‘Few wives manage to live up to the standard of cooking set by their mother-in-law and I am no exception. A keen cook, a keener eater, I soon realised that I was outclassed. And if that were not enough, behind her shoulder stands the spectral figure of Philip Harben. Not only was he her brother-in-law, he was television's first cook, one of the first stars to be created by the new medium.’

Caroline goes on to say, ‘round-faced and thoroughly exuberant, for 20-odd years Harben brought to broadcasting an unusual, characteristic vitality.’

You can read the full article here.

For 2018 entries to The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action, we are looking for that same ‘characteristic vitality’ captured within the entries, images that depict a passion for the art of cookery. We want to see images of food in action with people cooking, preparing and serving food anywhere and everywhere, whether at home, in professional kitchens, over a campfire, or in a ship’s galley.

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