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Earlier this year we were delighted to announce our partnership with Oxford Cultural Collective.

The Oxford Cultural Collective is an international network of food and drink enthusiasts, with a mission is to promote better understanding of food and drink in pursuit of personal fulfilment, professional development and social change.

Our partnership will showcase outstanding images from around the world to explore the power of food photography from multiple perspectives. In a growing archive, prominent figures from the worlds of food and drink share personal reflections on prize-winning and commended photographs from our Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year awards.

We caught up with Donald Sloan, Chair and Jean Roberts, Patron.

“To be able to see food and drink through the eyes of others, which the wonderful Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year images help us do, will stimulate new conversations amongst those in our OCC community."

"The partnership brings a vibrant, colourful, visual dimension to the OCC website and gives us all a glimpse into a world we might otherwise miss. The photographs are the perfect complement to our series of Perspectives through which we celebrate and explore all aspects of food photography, including what it reveals about our complex relationship with food, as well as its role in fields such as communication, publishing, branding, marketing and cultural expression.”

Alongside this series of Perspectives, we are delighted to have supported The Oxford Cultural Collective for the launch of their new series: Migrations: All Our Voices.

This series will celebrate the positive role of generations of migrants who have shaped the UK’s rich and diverse culture, which finds expression through food. They will be joined by contributors including acclaimed chefs, food writers, journalists and broadcasters, whose work has established them as prominent cultural ambassadors.


Their launch of this series in June featured dinner prepared by Romy Gill MBE alongside speeches by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, and Baroness Helena Kennedy QC who spoke on the value that cultural diversity brings to society and the need to promote understanding and respect between different communities.


If you would like to learn about food, drink and culture alongside other food enthusiasts, keep an eye out for Oxford Cultural Collective's regular events.

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