First Bite of the Apple: Why Pink Lady® & Food Photography are the Perfect Recipe for Success

This is my very first ‘Blog’ and I can think of no better place to start than the new Pink Lady® Food Photography Award site.

The fresh fruit industry tends to be a business that, once you are in you never want to leave, which has certainly been my experience, as I have clocked up over 40 years and still enjoy every minute.

For Pink Lady® to be the Headline Sponsor for the food photography awards has given us a great opportunity to further promote Pink Lady® apples into the world of photography and I am extremely pleased to announce that we have extended our commitment to 2017.


Why did we want to be involved? Well the Pink Lady® brand and the food photography awards are a perfect match because, not only is Pink Lady® an excellent apple it is also ideal as a culinary apple and we are heavily involved in promoting our own recipe dishes. For the reproduction to be really appealing requires photographic expertise, so that it looks just like the real thing. Indeed, it is essential with any of our recipes that the photography does justice, not only to the ingredients, but also to the person whose recipe we are using and how they would expect it to be presented. We also want the reader to be instantly captivated by the photo, enough for them to read the content and then to go out and buy the ingredients and make the recipe.

Our success with quality recipes, food photography and culinary style has interested many magazines who want Pink Lady® apples to be seen in their publications, which is a great compliment.

I would now like to think that some of you, hopefully, many of you will try Pink Lady® apples both as a fresh apple and, also, in our recipes and that you will have a go at entering the Pink Lady® Food Photography Awards for 2013 - why not?

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