Food in Wedding Photography

Today we have invited Jenny Heyworth, Resident Photographer at Aspire Photography Training and Food Photography Ambassador for Zenfolio to talk to us about wedding photography and its relevance to our awards.


So, Jenny, please tell us what makes photographing weddings so special for you and your top tips for our readers.

Confetti, stunning white dresses, beautiful seasonal blooms, families and friends dressed in their finest clothes, stunning venue, happy smiling people and newly weds in love are just a few of the reasons why wedding photographers love their job so much.  Photographing the happiest day of a couple’s life is such a privilege and some of my most honest and natural work has come from shooting a wedding day.  Due to the vast amount of storytelling imagery and creative opportunity shot on a wedding day naturally this leads to an exciting variety of creative images in the wedding photographer's portfolio.

As a wedding photographer, ask yourself, What do I do with those images once they have been delivered to the client? Some may go on your website or feature on your blog but how can I get these images to work harder for my wedding business? The answer? Enter awards!

Entering awards is such a positive experience for you and your business in so many ways. The process of shooting with awards in mind without a doubt makes you a better photographer, a more disciplined photographer, a more creative photographer.  Bridal portraits, the ceremony, special moments, flower girl antics are the more predictable opportunities for entering into awards and I have seen fantastic award-winning shots across the country at various award ceremonies that have blown me away with their originality and creativity. But what about one of the main events of the day? (after the ceremony itself of course), the event that brings everyone together after the ceremony, the wedding breakfast!  Everyone is relaxed, everyone is happy, the food is fabulous.

There are other opportunities too like the wedding cake, the canapés, the evening nibbles, dessert, a confectionary table, the supper the night before, the favours, the BBQ on the beach the day after the wedding with family and friends. There is endless opportunity for the wedding photographer to enter these images in Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year via the Food for Celebration category. What struck me the most when looking at the photographs entered into this category was the sheer variety of images from celebrations across the globe from religious ceremonies, birthdays, gatherings, families, friends, old, young, the world is your oyster.

Weddings are colourful, exciting, emotional, varied and interesting so it makes so much sense to go back through previous weddings you have shot as there will be so much opportunity for you to dig these images out and enter them into Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year.


If you haven’t managed to enter the awards before or see the exhibition for yourself I would highly recommend a visit to the Mall Galleries.  The impact of the gallery space and the photography on the gallery walls is simply breathtaking.  If you are looking for inspiration, searching for a creative injection in your work then enter the awards and visit the exhibition next year.  You will not be disappointed.  Visiting the awards for the first time 4 years ago had such a positive impact on me and inspired me so much it changed the direction of my career and now I am enjoying a wonderful career in commercial photography with stylist Catherine Connor for our joint commercial business - White Feather & Co.

Top tips

  1. Think outside the box.  On a wedding day it is easy to get distracted by the hustle and bustle, the award-winning shot could be right in front of you
  2. Keep it simple.  Some of the best shots I’ve seen win categories at the awards are always so simple, don’t over complicate things.
  3. Shoot in good light, where possible. If you are photographing food always make sure it is in flattering, diffused light for a quality shot
  4. Enjoy it and have fun!


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