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WFPlogo180As guests arrived for our Awards Reception 2017 we enjoyed lively discussions with various guests about the images. Which images we felt drawn to, what we enjoyed about them, what made them our preference. One of those discussions was with our esteemed judge Rein Skullerud, Head – Photography Unit, Communications Division, World Food Programme an organisation for whom we have a dedicated category Food for Life.

A truly engaging conversation which of course highlighted Rein’s vast professional experiences gathered over travels to 52 countries. Technical photography knowledge aside, perhaps it was his travels to challenging environments around the world that gave such contrasting viewpoints.

With this in mind we could not find a better start to our blogs this year than to look at the images which made it to the Finals of the World Food Programme Food for Life category. Later in the year we will be inviting each of the photographers to talk in greater detail about their image and backgrounds.

For the category we were seeking images of the humanitarian aspect of food, anywhere in the world - food bringing people together, the healing and joy, people striving for normality in the most difficult circumstances.

As well as handing out food, receiving, storing food, wherever it is needed to alleviate hunger. Whether after an earthquake, during a famine, the ravages of war or simply the affliction of poverty, food is for life.

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IMAGE TITLE  Collecting Egg Rations, Smara Refugee Camp

IMAGE DETAIL Every two weeks, in the refugee camps near Tindouf in Algeria, women collect egg rations distributed by the Sahrawi Red Crescent. The majority of Sahrawis are refugees today in one of the harshest desert environments in the world, their homeland of Western Sahara is the last colony in Africa and the site of a protracted territorial dispute.


2ND PLACE Susan Bell

IMAGE TITLE The Daily Baking of Bread, Morocco

IMAGE DETAIL Sisters baking bread, near Ourrzazate, Morocco.


3RD PLACE Samuel Hauenstein – Swan

IMAGE TITLE Depa’s Scorched Harvest

IMAGE DETAIL Rains have been sparse in West Pokot, North West Kenya. Depa’s corn field is scorched and ruined. Like many, he faces an uncertain year ahead with little food to provide for his family. He has some livestock left, which he will need to sell to buy food. With poor rains and ruined crops, malnutrition is a big concern in the region.



IMAGE TITLE Hand Cleaning Teff

IMAGE DETAIL Asersash Melese,  mother of 6, hand cleaning teff, used locally to make injera, a naturally gluten free fermented bread which is a staple in Amhara Region, Ethiopia.

Asersash Melese, 1-5 Leader, Ayjaseta Kebele in Fegeta Lakoma Woreda, Amhara Region, Ethiopia.


HIGHLY COMMENDED Gabriela Vivacqua Borges de Barros

IMAGE TITLE Caring and Working

IMAGE DETAIL Noha and her daughter taking away food received from the World Food Program in Darfur, Sudan.



IMAGE TITLE Lunch Along the Rail

IMAGE DETAIL In Northern Kolkata, India, thousands of people have built their homes on the tracks of the railway that runs along Hoogly River. Belonging to the slum community means for them being part of a family able to sustain them assuring the necessary strength to face every day’s challenges.

Family living in the slums along the rail in Northern Kolkata, West Bengal, India


HIGHLY COMMENDED Charlie Hatch-Barnwell

IMAGE TITLE Tribal Gathering

IMAGE DETAIL Tribal leaders gather in a hut to shelter from the 50°C heat. They are here today to discuss any solution to the drought they are currently experiencing. A gentleman passes around water colored with orange food dye to quench their parched lips. White Nile district of Sudan.

Tribal Leaders gather to discuss the severity of the ongoing drought. Water dyed with orange food colouring is handed out to the parched men who eagerly sip at their cups.

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