Framing Tips for Wine Photography

#3: Framing

 As part of the build-up to the International Wine Photography Day, this Wednesday 13 November, Chio Fernandez shares her expertise Wine Photography. From top tips on Lighting to Styling, Chio now talks about how to frame that shot.


This is where you can get creative. The three main points of view to focus on are the top view, 3/4 and straight on. And within those views, you can shoot wide and include context or narrow and really get close to your subject. I use an XF56mm F1.2 for my closer shots and an XF23mm F1.4 for the wider shots.


Always consider your background when you are framing and ask yourself: is it distracting? A way of avoiding busy and distracting backgrounds is a shallow depth of field. Alternatively, find a white wall or a backdrop board that you could use to cover the distraction.


When taking your photos think that although your subject may be wine, there is no need to have wine in your frame; a cork, a bottle opener or an empty wine bottle can also make a great photograph.


Celebrate #WinePhotographyDay this November 13th and share your photographs with us.

If you have some outstanding wine photography why not take the next step and enter the Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year category

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