_mg_9104-29-Jan-15The image above depicts a gaggle of geese being moved down a track on an organic farm in Dorset. It was taken by Jake Eastham and was the winning image of our Food in the Field category in 2015. Jake is seen below receiving his award from Jay Rayner and Tony Goodman CEO at Ten Acre.

DSC_1616Jake lives in rural Wiltshire where he says he is “inspired by people and producers who are passionate about their food and its provenance and the beautiful British countryside where so much of our food is grown.”

jakeeastmanTalking about food photography as a field of work he told us that it is “Always different, challenging and rewarding. It's very inspiring to meet chefs, farmers and producers who are passionate about the food and livestock they work with.”

James Ravilious and Simon Wheeler were two photographers that he felt had most influenced his work, "I have been drawn to the work of James Ravillious and Simon Wheeler mainly because their work is very real. James’s because he was photographing real and forgotten country people and country life. I loved Simon Wheeler's work for River Cottage books, again for their honesty and simplicity, he wasn’t trying to hide anything especially in the River Cottage ‘Meat’ book."

Jake's latest news

"I am working on an ongoing project photographing The Ledbury for Brett Graham. Michelin stars may seem a long way from the rolling hills of Dorset but one of the reasons it has been so special working with Brett is the emphasis he puts on provenance. He is meticulous in his sourcing of every ingredient that comes into his kitchen and nothing is wasted. Watching Brett and his team work is quite amazing, the epitome of hard work, dedication and attention to detail.

I wear my Ledbury apron with pride when I cook my scrambled eggs."

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Twitter: @JakeImages


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