Interview with filmmaker and photographer Carl Pendle

Carl Pendle is a Freelance filmmaker and photographer of food, travel and people. Winner of our International Food Photography & Film Day #FeastSocial competition 2015 and multiple finalist in both our main food photography and unearthed® food in film categories. We hear he is also partial to lemon meringue pie and mango sticky rice!

We caught up with Carl after we annouced the exciting #FeastSocial news to find out a bit more about his work:

1) Please tell us a little about your background in food photography?

I’ve been involved in Food Photography for about 15 years now. I did mostly travel and lifestyle shots then a magazine called ‘Food & Travel’ sent me on assignment to Italy shooting food for them and that’s where it all started. And what’s not to love about travelling, eating great food and taking photos of it?!

2) For both #FeastSocial and our main competition you have chosen to enter films, what made you first take the transition from stills to moving image?

I got into creating films about 8 years ago when the new DSLR cameras came out and especially the Canon 5D Mark II which was a huge game changer in the industry as you no longer had to buy large, heavy, expensive cameras to create films. When I had a photography assignment I use to shoot a short video at the same time and then I just switched over as film became more popular. Obviously there is a big difference between the two but having a photographers eye I found choosing angles, composition, light etc where all the same principles as photography so I found it quite an easy transition. It is the technical bit that is hard.

Watch Carl's film "The Food and People of Marrakech" below from our 2015 unearthed® food in film category:

3) Please tell us a little more about the film you entered into #FeastSocial

I was sent to Italy a couple of years ago for an Australian company to film a woman experiencing the food and drink of Piedmonte in North West Italy and it was here that the truffle sequence for #feastsocial was born.  Head over and watch Carl's film entry on Instagram here.

4) What latest news have you of upcoming projects?

It has been my busiest year of my career for filming. I’ve picked up some big clients like Waitrose and now spend 90% of my time filming although I have a photography job in London this week!


Thank you to all that entered #FeastSocial 2015, you can socialise with Carl at:

Twitter: @ishootfood

Instagram: @wwwcarlpendlecom


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