Interview with Food Photographer Klaus Einwanger

Klaus Einwanger Untitled StreetIn April 2013 Klaus Einwanger took home two of our category trophies for ‘Food in the Field’ (below) and ‘Food in the Street’ (left).

Camera / Technical Detail: Hasselblad+Phase One Back / Canon.

Klaus said of being a category winner, That´s really cool and a great honour, to be listed means to be recognised for the things I´m doing – that´s super nice.

We asked Klaus to tell us a little about where he lives and if, at all, it influences his photography.

I live at the very south of Germany close to the Alps. A lot of space and fresh air. Very close to Italy and Austria.


Klaus Einwanger Untitled  FieldWhat first interested you in food photography?

Food is the most important part of life and for me one of the biggest challenges for a Photographer.

Which photographers, if any, have most influenced your work?

Alastair Hendy / The Book: ASIA.

More recently Klaus has been working on an exciting project, “White Plate – Discover the art of the chefs” which will go on public exhibition through out Germany and United Kingdom in the autumn of 2014. If you would like to find out more you can visit the White Plate website or Facebook page .

Also if you would like to connect with Klaus you can visit his website or email [email protected] .

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