Launch day 2018 is here!

We talk to Awards Director, Caroline Kenyon, to find out all of the exciting highlights for the year ahead.....

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A comment that makes me and my team smile every April is, “I hope you’re relaxing after the Awards evening and exhibition at the Mall Galleries”…

Not a bit of it.

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Not only is there a huge amount of wrapping up to do from the previous year as well as all the very exciting post-event publicity, we are also flat out getting ready to launch again in early July.

So here we are again, launching for what is, amazingly, our seventh year. There is much to be excited about.

For the first time ever, we have Student Food Photographer of the Year, especially for those in full or part-time photographic study. We have, since the Awards began, encouraged youthful food photographers, even the under 10s, but we realised that it was hard for even the most accomplished students to compete against the very greatest photographers in the world with 20 or 30 years experience under their belt.

We also have for this year only, Marks & Spencer Food Adventures (Food Festivals) – how many and varied are food festivals across the UK? From the Sardine Festival in Cornwall to Cheese Festival in Melton Mowbray and the Sausage Festival in Lincoln, I am really looking forward to seeing the images submitted in this category.


We are thrilled to welcome some stellar new names to our judging panel for 2018 including Alison Morley, Chair of the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Program, International Center for Photography, NYC, H.E. Secretary-General, HIPA, and Ferran Adria, superstar chef of oft-voted world’s greatest restaurant El Bulli. And, extra excitement, the Chair of the Judging this year will be David Loftus, who needs no introduction.

So it just remains for me to say to all our thousands of friends across the globe who have become part of the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year family, do enjoy looking at and thinking about our varied categories, there really is something for everyone from Food for the Family to World Food Programme Food for Life, Food in the Field and unearthed® Food in Film.

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In under a year, it could be you, raising the heavy glass trophy above your head at the Mall Galleries in London, in front of a VIP audience of 500 and having your winning image or film shooting round the world’s media, seen by hundreds of millions of people!

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