Life-Changing Inspiration 2 – A Sweet Taste of Success

From inspiring new ideas to media awareness, we continued to interview some of our previous winners and Highly Commended photographers of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year to find out what the competition had meant to them.


Louise Pawson
Champagne Taittinger Wedding Photographer of the Year, Highly Commended      

“Primarily, I am a wedding photographer and have never previously considered myself a food photographer, yet food is so obviously a huge and important part of most wedding days. It is also a part of the day that is still massively overlooked by many wedding photographers, perhaps including myself up until more recently. Many wedding photographers don't photograph the food and will take a break during the wedding breakfast.”


Coming across Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year has helped me realise that photographing food really is an important part of any wedding day. It doesn't just have to be a picture of a plate of food, it can be far more creative than this and done in a way that tells a part of the story of the day. Since entering, I find myself searching more for these interesting moments involving food, whether it's the waiting staff carrying plates out of the kitchen or grandma scoffing a shrimp canapé.

Being Highly Commended was such a great experience, an honour and something I never imagined I would achieve. It's like a little light has been switched on helping me to see, with enthusiastic vision, things which I had previously paid little attention to. I now find myself striving to incorporate more food related images into the story of images from a wedding’s day.”


Caroline Trotter 
Pink Lady® Apple A Day, Highly Commended

‘’I was thrilled to receive the Highly commended award. Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year are probably the most important food photography awards in terms of media awareness. It is extraordinary how much impact they have across the board and the number of customers and colleagues who have commented on my success. The entry period that we are now in helps to focus my mind on driving my business forward with new ideas and honing skills. Also, you get to go to the very good party!!”



Kazi Mushfiq     
Bring Home the Harvest, 1st Place 

“It was amazing to win this category. It really helped me to put a big mark my photography career. I believe this year many more talented photographers will submit photos in this category.”



Martin Chamberlain     
Politics of Food, 1st Place

“I was really pleased to learn that one of my images had been selected in the Final group in last year’s Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year. The awards ceremony was a fantastic evening and it was great to meet the other photographers and see so many creative interpretations of food-related photography.


It was a real shock to hear my name announced as the winner of the Politics of Food category, but a great honour in the face of such stiff competition.

My image of a cow outsmarting its new owners at a market in Oman has drawn a wide variety of reactions. It makes many people smile, but others feel sadness or anger at the plight of the cow. That is typical for a photo journalistic image involving traded animals. Fortunately, most people realise that as a photographer I’m there to capture a real moment in time rather than condone the actions of others.

Since the competition, the image has been featured in a gallery-style feature in Amateur Photographer magazine which showcased their favourites from the shortlisted images in the competition.”


Beata Lubas           
Food Bloggers, Highly Commended

“What an honour it was to be Highly Commended in Food Bloggers category and to see my image hanging on the wall of the Mall Galleries last year. Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is such a wonderful event and I look forward to it every year. I can wait to see all the inspiring images that make it to the 2020 final.”


We want to see your creative interpretation of food photography. Enter now and showcase your inspiring images. Entries close midnight 9 February. 

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