Lighting Tips for Wine Photography

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Wine Photography Tips

#1: Lighting


As part of the build-up to the inaugural International Wine Photography Day, on Tuesday, November 20th, we asked food photographer and Fujifilm X-Photographer, Chio Fernandez, to share a few of her top tips on how to photograph wine.

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When it comes to food photography (including wine), the easiest and most effective way of lighting your subject is to use natural light. All you need is a window to create a very natural, soft source of light.

Wine will always look more appetising and inviting under natural or ambient light, than if you use flash lighting. People will connect to your image when the context is relatable to them.

DSCF4268 Stong shadows

Find a nice surface near a window where you can take advantage of the natural light.

If you are lucky to have a bright sun shining through your windows, don’t be scared to play with blinds and shadows to create texture in your shot.

DSCF4128 ambient light

Sometimes if there is no access to a good source of natural light a good alternative is ambient light. A warm candlelit scene will go well with a glass of wine. Try fairy lights in the background with a shallow depth of field for a festive or romantic touch. There is no need to use flash or studio lighting.

Chio Fernández

Chio Fernandez is a professional food photographer who lives and works in London. She is also a Fujifilm X-Photographer. When shooting food (and wine!) she likes to use her Fujifilm X-E3 - “I love how compact and lightweight it is, making it easier for me to move around the table and to get into different angles”

Twitter: @ChioPhotography

Instagram: @chiophotography

Facebook: @chiophoto

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