Lights, Camera..Action!

Our exciting unearthed® Food Film Shorts category supported by Foodism is open for 2018 entries!

How can you get in on the action? How can you stand the heat in the kitchen and create an award winning film about food and snatch that £1000!?

We’ve invited Angela Nicholson Reviews Editor from Camera Jabber to talk to us about how to make a time lapse with a GoPro as just one idea to capture your foodie moment on film. Angela has created 'Baking Brownies Time-Lapse', we didn't get to try the brownies though...

Welcome back to the blog, Angela, so, first things first, what equipment do we need to create a food film short?

A GoPro like the recent GoPro Hero6 Black, or an older model like the Hero5 Black or Hero5 Session is ideal because they’re small, light and easy to set-up. The fact they’re small means you can squeeze them into places that other cameras won’t fit - that’s helpful in a busy kitchen.

You’ll also need something to mount the camera on. For my brownie baking time lapse, I used a GoPro tripod mount and put my Hero5 Black on a mini tripod on the worktop in my kitchen.

There are lots of mounts available for GoPros so you can attach one to just about anything. You could use a suction cup mount to attach it to a fridge door or window, for example, or a clamp to attach it to your veg rack. You could even try shooting with it on a chest harness to gives a chef’s view of the kitchen.

What preparation is required before filming?

Before you get going you need to make sure that the camera battery is charged. If you’re planning on shooting over a long period of time, you may need more than one battery. You’ll also need to format the memory card so you’ve got plenty of space to store your movie.

It’s important to think about the shooting angle of your movie. With mine, I started out with the camera on the worktop then moved it to the kitchen floor while the brownies were in the oven before moving it back to the worktop when the brownies came out. I made sure that the camera could see everything it needed to from the starting position, and checked the oven shot before I started shooting in earnest. You just need to take a couple of test shots.

You also need to consider the interval between the shots that make up your movie. The longer the gap the greater the difference between the frames. With slow moving subjects you’ll need a long interval but with things that move faster you can use a short duration.

What tips can you give for lighting and sound?

GoPros don’t record sound in time lapse movie mode, it would sound very odd if they did. However, a completely silent movie can seem quite strange and music can really enhance a film by setting the mood. You can’t just set your film to your favourite music though, you have to pay the artist royalties or create your own music. Fortunately, there’s lots of royalty-free music available for download on the internet.

GoPros perform best in good light, they’re not great in gloomy conditions so you may need to switch on a few lights if you’re not shooting outdoors.

What content do you think makes the most exciting food film short?

There’s all sorts of stuff. Time lapses of fruit or veg rotting, things being chopped or cakes rising are all fun to watch, but making a film that is really memorable takes a bit more creativity. 

I’ve seen some amazing time lapses in which there’s something being made in what seems like a thousand steps and it’s only right at the end that you realise what they’re creating.

What are the key stages and settings required for creating a time lapse with GoPro?

We have a few posts on Camera Jabber that explain all the terms and steps involved. Follow this link to discover how to shoot a time lapse with a GoPro Hero6 Black, this link to shoot a time lapse with a GoPro Hero5 Black and this link if you want to shoot a time lapse with a GoPro Hero5 Session.


So there you have it, who will create our winning unearthed® Food Film Short for 2018? You’ve got to be in it to win that £1000, so why not head over to the category page now to find out more!

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