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This year, we asked our Food Film Shorts entrants to “make us hungry, make us think, smile and captivate us”, with food in any context. With not one, but two Finalist entries, Klaus Einwanger certainly did this.  

Christian Hümb´s Aromenmenü is unique – the theme is `FOREST´. Klaus accompanied Christian for 3 days and nights to capture in pictures his food and menus from their origin, from forest to their conclusion, perfection on the plate! 


Klaus, tell us a little about your background… 

I’ve been working as a professional photographer for more than 30 years. I’m also a BFF member (Professional Photographers and Filmmakers Association) and joined the AOP Association in 2019. I specialize in food, people and lifestyle photography. Moreover, I’m the founder and owner of KME Studios and White Plate GmbH. And last, but not least, I’m happily married with 3 wonderful children. We deliberately chose to live in the countryside and we love it.  

What does it mean to you to enter Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year? 

Taking part in well-known, prestigious and globally respected awards is very important to me, especially Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year. Top-class submissions, perfect organisation and wonderful interactions make this event so invaluable to me. Arriving at the Awards ways feels like coming home.


Cinque Minuti 
A short story about the truffle from Alba - told by people who need to know it. 


This year, you were a Finalist with two films in our Food Film Shorts category, where do you get most of your inspiration? 

I love any kinds of experiences and I welcome them to my life. Every day I’m eager to be open to new things – I let them come to me, let them sink in, transform them in my own way. Travelling, visiting art shows, music and interaction with other artists feed my creativity.  

Do you have any exciting new projects you might like to share with us? 

Oh yes, I do! I feel honored to present one of the largest personal projects of my career in autumn 2019. This time, however, it’s not food themed. I’ve been travelling 3 big cities on 3 continents this spring and the theme I chose is a political issue that is very important to me. The sad thing is that this issue also applies to many other situations. Stay tuned! 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/klaus.einwanger.photographer/  & https://www.instagram.com/kmestudios/ & https://www.instagram.com/white.plate.kulinarik/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kmestudios & https://www.facebook.com/white.plate.art/ 

Website: https://www.kme-studios.com & https://www.white-plate.com  


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Food Film Shorts supported by Foodism 2020 are now open for entries until 9 February, 2020.

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