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Aniko Meneghinine SzaboIn 2014 we introduced a new category 'Food Bloggers' to our awards and our first-ever winner was Aniko Szabo for her image 'Strawberry Sauce', seen right. To help any of our readers out there considering whether or not to enter this year we decided to talk to Aniko and find more about her and what winning the category has meant for her.

AnikoI am a part time food stylist and photographer. I have been living in Italy for a long time (since 1989), but I was born and grew up in Hungary.

I started to shoot photography seriously only two years ago when I was contacted by a publisher for a cookbook.

I fell in love with photography and food styling thanks to food blogging. I love Italian food (in general all excellent food) and I feel really happy when I can it is a true love!

borgio-foratoI live in a small Ligurian village between the green hills and the sea with my husband and my 16-year-old son. I work for a freight forwarding company in Genoa but in my freetime as soon as I can I run to shoot food pictures. I hope one day I will be able to turn my part time photography in a full time job .

My first cookbook, entirely photographed and written by me has been published this summer (Salads and cold plates) and I just finished shooting the second one, (Panini & Sandwiches) hoping it will be in the bookstores at the beginning of next year.

Now I would like to start to shoot for my own projects, two cookbooks; one about the local traditional Ligurian food (maybe you have already heard about focaccia and pesto 😉 ?) and about the beautiful Ligurian coastline: I am surrounded by lovely Italian villages like Five Lands, Portofino, Camogli , Alassio etc. and I have in hand many genuine local ingredients classified by Slow Food.

The second project is about the Tuscan cookies and desserts. I'm looking for international publishers of food books for these two projects. I am also available for any other freelance projects.

panino-con-frittata-700My aim is to transmit with my photos the tastes, fragrance and the “memory of food”. I try to take mouthwatering photos that arouse emotions. I want that when people look at my photos, they can feel in their mouth the familiar tastes like “grandma’s apple cake and the aroma”. The type of food isn’t important: some people may have beautiful memories of a chicken thigh, but we can never know.

I'm not only photogapher but also the food stylist so I have to study the food, the recipe and I have to prepare the set before the shoot. Fortunately this is something that I enjoy!

I prefer using natural light settings and back light. I love colourful photos with dark backgrounds and rustic props.



Some tips for aspiring photographers!

1) Read your camera's manual, study the light and never give up!

2) Sometimes we can take amazing photos without the knowledge of the camera and the light but it is only luck! We must study and take hundreds pictures before to be able to shoot on professional level.

3) Another really great thing is to shoot in RAW format. I don't have to do too much post production but the RAW format and the softwares like lightroom are completely changing my life!

4) I also suggest to participate in photography competitions. To win an award can make photographers (especially beginners) sure about their own ability and give them a good exposure.

Thanks to the Pink Lady® Food Photography category award I was interviewed by the most important Italian food magazine!


Since September 2014 Aniko has become a freelance contributor for Stockfood. If you would like to find out more about Aniko you can visit her at the following locations:




Twitter: @paprikaepaprika


So, we hope this has inspired you to enter the 2015 Food Bloggers category! This year Aspire Photography Training are providing an exciting new prize, visit the category page to find out more.


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