Meet Young Food Photographer Gabe Wise

Gabriel (Gabe) Wise is our 2013 Young 11-14 category winner for his image, 'Cod Fish & Chips' seen below described by Gabe as, 'Two cod fillets fried in beer batter served with housemade tartar sauce and french fries. For the lighting in this image I diffused the light off of the ceiling'.  He tells us that 'my food work has not been influenced by a particular style. Most of it for me is seeing what I would most want to eat. Since food photography is all about perspective, I can get the job done. As I sit on the couch answering this questionnaire just before dinner, (6:00PM) looking at the winning image I can’t stop my desire to eat some fish and chips. This is the reason for my success in food photography.'

Gabriel Wise - Cod Fish and Chips


Gabe lives just south of Jacksonville, Florida in the United States of America and said of his hometown, 'I have always loved exploring the city and photography has taken me there. There is a pier which is where I venture for most of my street work but some of the restaurants in Jax are tough to beat. I have always wanted to manage my own restaurant. When I became interested in photography, adding food into the picture (literally) became a must for me. Though the majority of my photography displays my interest in street work, food photography has always been on the backburner. It allows me to eat some of the best food in the world while allowing me to do what I love most, photograph.'

When we asked how it felt to be a category winner for the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013 he said, 'To sum it all up, I am incredibly excited. I have previously been exhibited in Australia but the competition was nowhere near as prestigious of the Pink Lady® Award. As a 14 year old photographer a lot of photography (at this point) is getting my name out into the public. To imagine that you will be looking at my work while enjoying some incredible wine as well as some canapés absolutely delights me. I wish I could be there and I thank you for putting up this contest year after year. I hope to see you in 2014!

If you would like to talk food photography with Gabe you can reach him on Flickr or post your congratulations to Gabe below!

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