Meet Young Food Photographer Martin de Rooy

Martin Derooy - Sweetee Citrus

In April 2013 Martin de Rooy of Australia became our 2013 Young 15-17 years category winner with his image 'Sweetee Citrus'. Martin describes capturing the image by stating,

'Photographing in North Queensland, Australia - a stormy sky rolled in. A white bag of red potatoes sat on the side of the road, as the calm in the looming storm. The sounds of trucks roaring and distant thunder were confusing in the air, as the first droplet of rain hit the bitumen.

I live in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. It is a very tropical place and is hot all year round. I took my shortlisted photo 5 hours North West of Townsville, on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns. The Tablelands are littered with rolling green hills and gullies. It is here that I am inspired to photograph the landscape, such as the truck passing the potato bags.'

Sadly Martin was unable to come a receive his award in London at our winners' reception but said, 'it feels very surreal to be shortlisted for an international competition. I am honoured to be chosen as the winner of this category. This is the second year I have entered the competition so I was not expecting to be shortlisted.'

When we asked him what made him decide to enter his photography into the competition he said it was because 'I enjoy photographing, but I had never considered the photography of food. I have always been intrigued by the photos of wine spilling out of the glass and eggs cracking in thin air.'

We were delighted to hear that what first interested Martin in food photography was that he was inspired by how creative food photography can be, compared to other facets of photography. He feels most influenced by the great landscapes photographed by Australian photographer Peter Eastway and the stunning portraiture done by Sydney based photographer, Alexia Sinclair.

As a young aspiring photographer, Martin would be keen to hear your constructive tips on his winning image and how he could develop his content and style going forward.

If you would like to interact with Martin on social media platforms you can find him on Instagram @martinderooy or post your congratulations for him below!


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