unearthed® Food in Film

Take a look at all of our exciting photographic categories such as the Politics of Food, Food for the Family, Bring Home the Harvest or Cream of the Crop and use them to find inspiration for an exciting, informative, controversial, impactful, moving, or even funny short film.

It could be a family having a picnic on a beach, or a vast harvest taking place in the plains of Canada or intensive egg production - a film about food in any context.


Films will be judged on content and may be no longer than three minutes in length (180 seconds) including titles and credits.


The overall winner of unearthed® Food in Film. will win £1,000.

Please note: The unearthed® Food in Film. category is not eligible for the overall title of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year


Click here to view previously shortlisted films

This year's competition is now closed for entries

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