Pinot Noir being pressed

Victor Pugatschew of Australia was our overall 2015 Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year for his image ‘Pinot Noir being pressed’ seen below.


Technical: Nikon D800 Tamron 24-70mm F2.8 55mm 1/1500sec iso 3200

The image was taken at Hoddles Creek, a serious Pinot Noir producer in the cool climate Upper Yarra Valley region of Victoria in Australia.

When we caught up with him recently, he explained, “it was not an easy one to capture.  Most grape presses used are the typical bag press all with different configurations,  and there is not much of a gap between the base and the bottom tray. So it is difficult to get a lense into the gap. Sure you can probably custom rig raised legs etc. etc. - but I don't do manipulated images.  It’s all as is and on the spur.  I did visit other vignerons in Victoria apart from Hoddles Creek to try and replicate the technique - but alas - nowhere for a lens to fit.  The narrow gap means it’s difficult to fit a flash into it, so it has to be a high ISO large aperture setting in order to freeze the action.”

More recently he has been in the Champagne region capturing images for numerous projects and competitions (we were rather excited to hear that this included Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2016 too!).

Image credit below: Victor Pugatschew

S16_3446Talking of the field of food and wine photography Victor declared, “For me food and wine photography is a burning passion - capturing something different.” We were really rather touched when he said of being a Finalist that, “It is an honour to be respected by such a great organization.” Really though, it is us that are honoured, to have the opportunity to celebrate such wonderful food and wine photography talent.

Born in Adelaide in 1955, the son of Russian post war emigrants, Victor now lives in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.

His high school passion in Adelaide was photography – using his dad’s Leica IIIc Rangefinder camera. Tony, Victor’s brother, also a keen photographer, enabled them to enjoy many long printing sessions in their home darkroom – the laundry. When Victor was 13, he  won numerous school photographic competitions and founded the  Adelaide Boys High School Photography Club. But he chose to follow an IT career eventually moving to Melbourne in 1979 working for Fosters Brewing (back then it was CUB). In 2003 a wine consulting business opened numerous travel opportunities to France where he began to capture unique landscape images of the Champagne region. The passion to catch the unusual and quirky image had returned and digital photography allowed him to push the boundaries even further.

Image credit below: Victor Pugatschew


You can connect with Victor at the following:


Twitter: @champdevigneron


Instagram: @vicpug

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