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Marlon Bunday’s image ‘Peruvian Bread Seller’ depicted a Peruvian woman slightly dozing as she counts her neuvo sol from selling bread at the roadside. She sits against an Inca wall in Cusco, Peru - a World Heritage Site and the historical capital of the Inca Empire from 13th to 16th Century. What better example of Street Photography could we ask for as we celebrate our Director’s Cut Think Street – Think Food!

When we asked him, “How does travel influence and exploring another culture influence your work?” he replied, “Travel is an absolute privilege. It is amazing that we have such relatively easy access to far flung places and the opportunity to immerse yourself in so many different cultures. It opens your eyes and your mind, a real feast for the senses and indeed can be life changing. I can’t recommend it enough.” So we decided to find out more about Marlon’s trip to Peru and how the image came about.

Peru_2008_325Image credit above: Marlon Bunday

"The trip to Peru was an amazing holiday with 7 old friends where we trekked all the way to Macchu Pichu. Before the trek, we stayed in Cusco and spent time walking the streets, meeting the locals and taking photos whenever possible. When I saw the "Peruvian Bread Seller" lady just on the opposite side of the road, I didn't hesitate to ask if she minded me taking a couple of photos, as the shot was just as "street" as you can get. The colours and the composition seemed to call out to be framed.

I haven’t had much experience as a street photographer but I love the buzz of getting candid shots when opportunities arise. The only advice I can offer, is if you get spotted taking street shots, always be polite and don't be afraid to talk to people and ask them if you can shoot them. On the whole, people are usually flattered, enthusiastic and helpful especially if you offer to send them a couple of copies!"

Of being a Finalist in the Partridges Food for Sale category in 2015 he said, “I was completely taken by surprise at being a Finalist and extremely thrilled! It is the first competition I've entered and wasn't expecting to be even short-listed let alone a Finalist, so I'm very proud of being selected”.

How would you best describe food photography as a field of work?

Food photography is a area of endless possibilities and variety, as there are literally millions of combinations of recipes and ingredients from every corner of the globe. The best thing about some food photography is that you can eat it straight after taking its picture!!

Please tell us a little about where you live and how it influences your photography.

I live in Surrey on the edge of the Devil’s Punch Bowl, one of England's most beautiful areas of outstanding natural beauty. It's very inspiring although it is under threat from over-development since a tunnel cut it off from the main A3. My inspiration comes from capturing it now before it changes forever

Which photographers, if any, have most influenced your work?

I love Ansel Adams' work and the portraiture of both Irving Penn and David Bailey

Image credit below: Marlon Bunday, Trip to Peru


Can you tell us about what inspires you?

I've read and been given advice saying that "you really should specialise" and "don't be a jack-of-all-trades" but I find inspiration in so many things, it's hard to not want to point the lens at almost everything to capture its inner essence, if it's possible. I love composition to draw out the beauty in a scene/object/person and what can be more inspiring than the smile on their face when you show them the photo you have made

I currently work as a Web/UX (User Experience) consultant but I'm working hard to make the transition into photography on a full-time basis. I love food, so I'm out there busy snapping food festivals and getting to meet chefs and restaurateurs to develop my portfolio and reputation. Please wish me luck!

To connect with Marlon visit:


Twitter: @MarlonBunday


Instagram: @marlonolram

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