Spine Tingling Moments from Photography Competition

In only the second year of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year, already ranked in the world’s top 50 photographic competitions, you can imagine excitement is mounting in GHQ as the entries are starting to flood in. Every morning, there is the – literally – spine tingling moment when we check the system to look at images that have been sent from around the world. It is a joy to see work coming in from China, Norway, Australia, Italy, Germany. The standard is extraordinary and we know that the coming weeks until 31 January when we close to entries are going to intensify in excitement. The range of treatment, techniques and subject are astonishing.

It reminds me of my previous life as editor of a travel magazine. My favourite bit of the job was looking at photographer’s portfolios. It’s not that long ago, but the pictures were in slide form, and I used to look at them on a light box with a loop. It seems like something out of the Jurassic Age. Sometimes, would-be contributors would send them in on spec, sometimes they would call to make an appointment and bring their pictures to show me. I could never guess, when I went down to reception from my office to collect my visitor and their large black portfolio, what sort of pictures I would be shown. It was a great lesson to me never to judge by appearances!

So, early February looks likely to be very busy, as the first short-listing process gets under way. The whole judging process is conducted anonymously, so that judges have no idea who took which shot. Basing experience on last year, it is going to be a painful process too.The standard is so high, it seems desperately unfair that many more images can’t make it through to the final cut.

Recently, we looked through all 3100 images submitted last year, and we gasped afresh as we spotted so many wonderful shots that had not been selected for the Finalists’ exhibition at the Mall Galleries. But the good news is, this year we have more categories and more images in the final show! So make sure you enter your very best by 31 January, we really do love to see your work.

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