Headline Sponsor – Pink Lady®


Pink Lady® is proud to have been the headline sponsor of the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year competition since its launch in 2011.


Our apples are grown & eaten all around the world. Pink Lady® is synonymous with uncompromising quality, our unique taste experience, and our continuous quest to celebrate excellence, in all its forms.


There is great synergy between the Pink Lady® brand and the ethos of the awards, celebrating the skill and passion of those who, every day, bring to life the very best in food photography and film. 

Like the Food Photographer of the Year Awards, we believe in capturing and savouring those moments of WOW. Big or small, loud or quiet, visible or personal. From helping achieve something with your community or friends, through to that little moment each day when you find some time for yourself.

Biting into a Pink Lady® apple is one of those moments. A moment to enjoy. A moment that demands attention, one that immerses all your senses. To appreciate the small details and let them uplift and invigorate you.

The sharing of good food is central to cultures the world over. Food photography is the art of capturing those moments, as a feast for the eyes & the soul. Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Awards provide a valuable platform to give the best in their field the recognition they deserve. We are proud to help celebrate their talent.




Pink Lady® Global     www.pinkladyapples.com

Pink Lady® United Kingdom     www.pinkladyapples.co.uk

Pink Lady® Europe     www.apple-pinklady.com

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Pink Lady® New Zealand     www.pinkladyapples.co.nz

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