Sally Ann Stone’s image ‘Sun, Shadows and Fish’ was the winning image in 2015 for our Partridges Food for Sale category described by Sally the image shows, ‘An overriding smell together with the sight of drying fish was everywhere at the fishing village of Tai O on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. In my image the catch of the day was precisely arranged to dry in the heat of the mid-day sun.’

Image below: Sally receives her award from Jay Rayner and John Shepherd, Managing Director, Partridges


How does travel & exploring a different culture influence your work?

I love to travel and I have travelled extensively to the Far East, Australia and the Middle East. Each country presents a new and exciting culture and each country is so diverse from one another.  From behind the camera, new sights bring together a whole new life experience, it's so exciting and a great feeling to be part of this even if for a short while.

Image credit below: Sally Stone


I particularly like the whole experience of seeing and being in amongst the everyday life and away from the normal ‘tourist traps’. I especially try to visit local markets as much as possible as they are so unlike anything we see at home in the UK. If I could spend longer away, I would.

Please tell us a little about where you live and how it influences your photography.

I am currently living in Hampshire, on the south coast of England.  I am interested in photographing local events such as traditional Garden and Produce shows which are held seasonally throughout the year and are quite dominant in my local area. In my own village, I am now eagerly waiting for the next ‘Pumpkin Show’ which draws together local gardeners and ‘foodies’ to display and sell their produce. It’s a great eclectic mix of characters from all walks of life.

Which photographers, if any, have most influenced your work?

As an educator in Photography, I get plenty of opportunity to review many  photographers works both historically and contemporary. Being interested in the still life, I guess the 19th century photographer Josef Sudek is an influence in the way he made use of window light to softly sculpt objects for their shape or form, I too have a similar set up at home. The photographer Olivia Parker presents me with her influential use of camera control and composition especially when working with the intricacies of both the found still life and studio still life work.

More from Sally

I am currently lecturing at South Downs College, a medium sized college on the south coast of England. I mostly teach 16 – 19 year old learners on A Level Photography and on BTEC Art & Design courses plus in the evenings I teach mature adult learners who want to get more from their cameras. The work can be challenging sometimes but equally rewarding when students both young and old go on to successfully study photography further. There is so much to learn, and so much to teach on the subject.

Image credit below: Sally Stone

Sally_Stone_-4I have recently returned from another exciting overland trip to the Far East, travelling through southern Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Staying with and meeting local people, I was able to photograph their lives at close proximity. I am still reviewing my images, there are so many but here is one, the lady in the apron (left) cooked us some amazing banana pancakes on the small side of the road stops that we made.

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