The Apple of Your Eye

A feast for the eyes as Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year unveils an exciting new category for 2015.


Photo credit: Megan Victoria Crehan

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year, which has taken both the photography and the food world globally by storm in just three years, has released an exciting new category for 2015, Pink Lady® Apple a Day

The stellar international panel of judges, which includes Michel Roux Jr, Valentine Warner and David Loftus, Jamie Oliver’s photographer, is looking for the most exciting, creative, inventive, beautiful images of Pink Lady® apples.

“The apple could be on a tree, on a plate, floating through the air, bobbing in water, in a child’s hand, however the photographer sees them,” says Andy Macdonald, Managing Director of Pink Lady® Apples UK and headline sponsor of the awards.

“If someone wants to depict just one Pink Lady® apple in their photograph, they are free to do so. We want to see this simplest, most delicious of foods represented in the most inspiring way.”

Winning this category will offer the photographer a cash prize of £1000 and for their work to be exhibited at the world-renowned Mall Galleries, London. Their winning image may also be used by Pink Lady® apples in its UK 2015/16 multi-media marketing campaign.

“We really hope photographers across the world will be inspired by this Pink Lady®-flavoured challenge!” says Macdonald. “We take our marketing extremely seriously and hope we will be providing a great opportunity for exposure to whoever wins the category.”

Visit the category page here.

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