The Colour Orange

On a regular basis we sit and enjoy our Finalists gallery for inspiration and today was no different. It occurred to us that there were a number of images, including the winner, that included the richness and warmth of the colour orange. Orange is an important symbolic colour for some religious faiths and often thought to represent enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.  Perfect for an Autumn/Fall blog topic we thought!

Here we share four 2017 Finalist images for you to enjoy but why not take a look at the full gallery for inspiration and find out how to enter your own images here!



Photographer: Terry Wreford Hann

Image Title: New Zealand Crayfish

Category: Cream of the Crop



Photographer: Mick Shippen

Image Title: Mon New Year Feast

Category: Food for Celebration sponsored by Champagne Taittinger

Description: Buddhist monks eating their last meal of the day. The food was donated at almsgiving during Mon New Year celebrations. The Mon fled political unrest in Myanmar years ago and settled in Sangkhlaburi in west Thailand. Their food and traditions are distinctly different from those in their adopted country.



Photographer: Shoeb Faruquee

Image Title: Food for God

Category: Food for Celebration sponsored by Champagne Taittinger

Description: In the image the Brahman cook is cooking religious food for devotees but the devotion in the cook shows – it seems he is preparing food for God. Rajapur Lokonath Dham in Chittagong, Bangladesh is a praying and worshipping centre for the followers and believers of 'Baba Lokonath'. This worshipping ceremony starts in the evening time and it continues for two hours. The devotees fast for 24hrs during this worship and they break their fast after the prayer. It is a ghee light burning festival in the name of 'Baba Lokonath’, the devotees pray with great spiritual concentration.

shoeb_faruquee_food _for_god_960px_credited


Photographer: Patricia Kettenhofen

Image Title: Chanterelles

Category: On the Phone

Description: Chanterelles forest dinner, the simplicity of food given by nature, no-cook trickery


Which colours will attract the judges in 2018?

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