The Hunter and the Hunted

Finalist Drina Cabral told us that what most inspired her photography was, "my thirst to explore food photography in the most unusual manner; using interesting elements, compositions and lighting in a way that is able to articulate either an emotion or story".

The story she chose to tell for her entry into Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2015 Politics of Food category was entitled, ‘The Hunter and The Hunted’.


“‘The Hunter and the Hunted’ is a vivid portrait of our most rudimental structure in life - A portrait of our instinctual need to survive, to hunt and feed, depicted by a couple of the lower ranking creatures in our underwater food chain.”

It was the winning image of the Politics of Food category 2015 and Drina can be seen below collecting her trophy from Jay Rayner and Andy Macdonald below.


How does it feel to be a Finalist for the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2015?

Ever since I came across Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year, it has been my dream to be a part of it. As I type out "How it feels to be a Finalist for the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2015", I have a tingle in my belly and goose bump covered hands. I am humbled, honoured, thrilled and overwhelmed for this recognition.

01_AubergineHow would you best describe food photography as a field of work?

Food Photography is quite a complex field; you are working with still life that is not really still; the colours, textures, tastes and smells of food change with every passing minute. It is about capturing the moment of food at the right time, that exact moment when it starts to talk to you and romance your camera.  Taking pictures of delicious food is one thing, but getting it to speak to you and tell a story is whole another ball game entirely.

Image right: 'Aubergine' Drina Cabral


Please tell us a little about where you live and how it influences your photography.

02_Dubai MarketsDubai is the largest cosmopolitan city in the Middle East, bringing in food cultures from over 200 different nationalities. As a food-venturer, you stumble upon something new everyday; a new fruit or vegetable or new type of cuisine even. Dubai has evolved into a photographer’s paradise, with food stories from the older traditional Dubai and ever expanding influx of expatriate food cultures. There’s inspiration everywhere and it is easy to wake up to a new one everyday.


Image left: 'Fruit Market, Dubai' Drina Cabral


How does travel & exploring a different culture influence your work?

05_Dubai MarketsSometimes when your car is overworked, the car-battery tends to fail you; and all it takes is a quick 2-minute jumpstart to get you going again. Travel affects me in that exact same manner; a jumpstart, a recharge, a simple power boost. Having being spoilt by Dubai’s central location, I end up travelling 4 to 5 times a year. It takes me out of my mundane routine lifestyle and stuns me with new smells, sights, sounds, cultures and tastes.


Image right: 'Fruit Market, Dubai' Drina Cabral


Which photographers, if any, have most influenced your work?

Jean Louis Block-Laine (especially his work on Pierre Gangnaire's book- Reflections on Culinary Artistry); and Pornchai Mittongtare.  The works of both of these photographers, though different from each other share one thing- Visual Poetry. I find every one of their pieces enigmatic and sometimes hypnotizing; I admire the detail, the thoughts behind it, the lights, colors, and inspiration. Their work is beautiful, unique and evokes a deep emotional intelligence.

Image below: Jean Louis Block-Laine


Recently Drina has been working on food photography projects for Atlantis, Bread Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay; and Chef Jean Georges newest restaurant at The Four Seasons Dubai.

Image below: Chef Jean Georges newest restaurant at The Four Seasons Dubai


To connect with Drina visit:


Twitter: @eaternalzest


Instagram: @eaternalzest

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