The rise of food in film with Jacqueline Franklin

blog 1The Hospitality Media team returned for a second year as finalists in our 2015 awards so we took the opportunity to invite Jacqueline Franklin, to tell us a little about their  work in video production.

 1) What made you decide to expand into video production five years ago?

Partly through opportunity with a client wanting to introduce video into their product mix. We were able to respond as we felt confident of developing; this skill set not just through the filming but also the editing. A background of Photography and Film together with a core Art background has allowed us to achieve this in terms of light, composition and colour. Additionally this addition to our portfolio was used in a degree marketing research project at University providing further evidence that it would provide us greater competitive advantage.

2) What content, for you, makes a winning formula for a film featuring food?

A combination of elements, which goes back to the clients video strategy and objectives. Certainly from viewing figures and more detailed analytics it would be accurate is saying that the subject is key: whether it be chocolate or a well known chef. Also we feel that keeping the video engaging through tough and creative editing is key. Interestingly it’s not always your preferred video that obtains the highest viewing figures and this is why it comes back to subject and also how the video is optimized and positioned through multi-channel marketing.

 3) What exciting trends are you seeing in the food video sector at the moment?

Faster and smarter editing, producing shorter videos. Slow mo, DSLR, time lapse and applications used in the editing such as de-saturisation have all been around for a while, however remain popular.

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4) For all the hospitality businesses out there looking to create a film about their business what top tips would you recommend to them when they are looking for the right video production company for them?

Clearly their track record and being convinced that the production company will deliver. As we know there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in terms of client expectations and it’s all in the planning stages. Of course available budget is a key element. Honesty and integrity is critical and to be open as to whether they think your ideas are practical and feasible. Wanting an ‘edgy’ video is not enough. It’s all about target audiences.

5) Which of this years’ categories have you most enjoyed viewing? (Apart from your own!!)

I quite like the social documentary films perhaps because its so different from our own: The Cider Shed, Street Food in Vietnam, The Food and People of Marrakech and Fish n Chips is quite fun and I like a lot.


Huge thanks to Jacqueline for sharing her expertise, if you would like to learn more about Hospitality Media visit:

Twitter: @hospitalitymedi




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