Twisted Entry Tips for 2019

We are delighted to welcome judges Tom Jackson and Harry Bamber, Co-Heads at Twisted to the Winterbotham Darby Food Film Shorts category supported by Foodism for 2019.

Tom and Harry are really excited to see what creative and moving films you enter this year, so we headed to their kitchens with Susie White, Communications Manager at Winterbotham Darby to find out more. They share their tips for creating food films plus what they are going to be looking for when judging.

To give you a little further inside information we asked Tom, Co-Head at Twisted, what inspires him:

I’m inspired by other cooks, chefs, writers, film-makers - anyone, really - who doesn’t take themselves or what they do too seriously and are willing to take risks and enjoy themselves in the process. It’s these guys that encourage confidence and remind you that’s it’s alright to try new things and make a few mistakes. This is what Twisted is all about for me; reminding everyone that it’s ok to break the rules with cooking provided you’re having a good time. I agree with Keith Floyd! “Cooking as well as eating should be fun”.

We asked him what the 5 milestone videos were in the Twisted career to 12 million followers on Facebook so far, check them out here:
Camembert Hedgehog Bread (this was our first big video, that picked up lots of international press)
Monster Chicken Fajita Crunchwrap (This was the beginning of our upsurge in followers and video views) 
Baileys French Toast (Our first video in a hugely successful year long campaign with Baileys)
Cinnamon Swirl Apple Pie (Our first video to hit 100 million views) 
Franks (Our first US commercial partnership)
To find out more about Tom and Harry visit:



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