Villefranche Market

In 2017 Azalea Dalton’s image ‘Villefranche Market’ won the Partridges Food for Sale category and was also selected as runner-up in the Fujifilm Award for Innovation category.


Image Description: Bird's eye view of Villefranche market stalls, taken from the top of the church tower overlooking the square

Technical: Canon EOS1100D

Please tell us more about capturing your finalist image. What was happening around you, what inspired the shot, and were there any challenges?

The photo was taken leaning over the parapet of the church tower, high above the ancient market square in Villefranche.  My camera was hand held as there was no room for a tripod -  but I couldn't resist the chance to capture a bird's eye view of the bustling activity and colourful awnings below.

What was it about the image that you feel fitted the category so well?

I felt it was an original viewpoint on the theme Food for Sale.

azalea_dalton (3)

What would you say attracts you most to the photography of food?

I have always been particularly drawn to the colours and textures of food displayed on market stalls and the human interactions taking place.


How does it feel to be a finalist for the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2017?

It was very thrilling to hear that I was a finalist,and to receive an invitation to the awards evening at The Mall Galleries.  Discovering that I had won the Partridges Food for Sale category was a wonderful surprise - I had attended the evening with my daughter, and I think we were both bowled over when my name was announced!

Which photographers, if any, have most influenced your work?

Marianne Majerus and Rosanna Castrini

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Please tell us a little about where you live and if, at all, how it influences your photography.

I live in South West London and particularly enjoy visiting Kew Gardens and Richmond Park to take photographs over the changing seasons. I originally trained and have worked as a freelance illustrator, but increasingly use my camera - rather than a paintbrush - to capture an eclectic range of subjects. I am currently building a portfolio of images of street art and the juxtaposition of graffiti with those walking by.  I was recently asked to take a series of photographs of the various activities undertaken by a local Brownie pack - and found that trying to get all 24 girls to stand still at the same time was quite challenging!

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To connect with Azalea visit:


Instagram: @azalea_dalton

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