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Today sees the launch of our People’s Choice Award 2017, where you, the public, get to vote for your favourite food photo, wine photo and food in film. With so many images and films to choose from we decided to get some advice on how to pick the best of the best.

Angela_Nicholson_Camera_Jabber_01_001-150x150We asked Angela Nicholson, Reviews Editor at Camera Jabber for her 5 top tips of how to approach it.

1) It may sound obvious, but my first tip is to look at every image, one after the other and make a note of any that particularly appeal to you. Don’t make your choice straight away at this stage, just draw up a shortlist. Then take a look at your shortlisted images and try to narrow them down.

2) With lots of images to consider it can be hard to make a decision so it’s useful to look for similarities between the images and then try to decide which you like best between those pairs or groups. Gradually you’ll be able to narrow down to the one you like best.

3) Some images are intended to be beautiful to look at while others may convey a message. Comparing the two and deciding a winner is hard, but both types of image should be judged on their composition and technical excellence. An old school way of assessing composition is the turn an image upside down and if the arrangement of shapes still results in a pleasing image, the composition is good. It’s a neat way of helping you to ignore the image content.

4) After viewing the images, take a break, make a cup of tea or have a bath and think about the images. Which are the shots that you remember? Why are they memorable?

5) It can be helpful to put yourself in the position of the photographer. If they were your images, which one would you be most proud of and want to show to people?

One of the biggest reasons why images don’t make it into the shortlist stage of a competition is because they’re not sharp or they’re poorly composed. Camera Jabber has some good advice with  ’10 Reasons why your Photos aren’t Sharp’, ‘Photo Composition Tips for the Creative Photographer’ and ‘6 Photography Composition Techniques for More Creative Images’.

So good luck to all the shortlisted entrants, enjoy viewing the images and films here!

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