Young category Finalist travels from South Africa

Once again our young categories gained amazing entries from young photographers around the world and we asked Young 15-17 Finalist Ceilidh Simpson who travelled from her home in South Africa to attend our glittering Champagne Taittinger Winners' Reception about her experience.


What inspired you to enter Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2015? My granny was the one who inspired me to enter. I had recently discovered my love for photography and she thought this would be a good way to start.

How long have you been interested in photography and what started it off? I’ve always loved taking photos and capturing the moment, but I only really started taking it more seriously about a year ago. I had gotten a camera for my birthday which initially started it off now that I was able to take better quality photos and to experiment.

Tell us the story behind your picture. We were away for the weekend with good friends of ours, and I managed to capture my brother and his friend having a good time. I enjoy taking photos such as this one, because they were not aware that I was photographing them, therefore allowing me to catch their true emotions and not just a pose.

And tell us about coming to the Champagne Taittinger reception at the Mall Galleries, London, all the way from South Africa! It was a great opportunity to be able to come to London. It is different to South Africa in many ways besides the weather. It was very inspirational to see so many photographs up and a new experience. It was exciting and nerve racking at the same time but definitely worth it.

What are your photographic ambitions now? I have recently joined a photography club and I plan on entering many more competitions. I will also keep experimenting with my camera, finding new ways to make a photo more than just that.

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