Young Food Photographers Shine!

Each year we are delighted and encouraged by the beautiful images entered by young food photographers. As the British summer school holiday is upon us we take a look in today’s blog at the three young winning images for 2017 and the stories behind them.

Young 10 & Under

Photographer: Carla Smend

Image Title: Fruit of the Bloom

Description: 5 a day on a board. Shot with an iPhone, eaten with the fingers. The minute after.


Young 11 – 14

Photographer: Lily-Mae Franklin

Image Title: Flower Tea

Description:  Image of delicate green tea flowers. I had been thinking about entering for a while and had a few ideas so one Sunday had an experiment with items I found in the house. Getting good light and background were challenging.

Technical: Fuji xt-1 and 18-55mm lens with Wescot Ice Light



Young 15-17

Photographer: Felicia Frank

Image Title: Muuuh

Description: This picture originated whilst on a beautiful hike in the Alps. Feeding with one hand those hungry cows with grass and taking pictures with my other hand I was just hoping to get a nice picture.

Technical: Panasonic Lumix G3, Macro-Elmarit 1:2,8/45



Why not set a project this summer holiday for you or your children to capture food photography! It is free to enter our Young categories and we are looking for any image at all featuring food. Food in the field, food on your plate, food in the street. Wherever you see food, you can take a prize-winning image. Head over to the category page here and get started today!

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