A Note from Our Director…

As we come to the penultimate day to enter the competition, we are delighted to introduce the Director, Caroline Kenyon to share her thoughts about why this competition holds such a special place in her heart.


"Dear photographer and friend,

I absolutely love this time of year. It gives me and team so much pleasure to see your images pouring in from around the globe. Each one is a glimpse of a different world view. And it gives us huge pleasure to celebrate your work, to say, Well done, you’ve achieved something really special.

It means a great deal to me personally too as I know myself how tough it is to be freelance, from my years in my twenties as a freelance journalist - to live by your wits, your energy and your curiosity. But also surviving the knocks and the disappointments.

And we hear from so many of you what a difference it can make to have an image Commended, or to be a Finalist, let alone a Winner. Just the boost to confidence is enormous, and there are all the opportunities it may bring too.

I was very moved, a few years ago, to meet a woman who had suffered a chronic illness for several years which meant she was in bed for most of the time. Entering Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year was a way of inspiring her to remember there was a whole world beyond her home. And her first major outing once she started to recover was to make the long journey to London to see the exhibition.

Whatever your reasons, ambitions, hopes, we respect and cherish every entry.

Thank you from us all,

Caroline Kenyon and all the team at Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year."

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