Pink Lady® is delighted to be the headline sponsor of the  Food Photographer of the Year competition.

“There is great synergy between the Pink Lady® brand and the ethos of the award,” says Andy Macdonald, Managing Director of Coregeo, the Master Licensor of Pink Lady® in the UK.

“Pink Lady® is uncompromising when it comes to quality and visual appearance. High quality photography is central to the brand’s image and the way it is perceived by the millions of consumers who enjoy Pink Lady®.

“There are so many talented food photographers out there and the award will give them a global platform on which to display their work. It will also deliver the recognition that the best of the best in their field rightfully deserve.”


Pink Lady® – so much more than an apple

The Pink Lady® story begins with an Englishman, John Cripps, who emigrated to Australia in the 1960’s. John created this beautiful apple with its deep-pink blush over a creamy green background. To the palate, it had a fresh zesty-but-sweet taste and a crisp, firm texture. Today, around the world, it is known as the ‘Champagne Apple’ because of the fizz it delivers.

John Cripps used traditional breeding techniques and knew the two apples, with just the qualities he wanted to be the parents. He chose a Golden Delicious, providing thin skin, crispness, crunch and juiciness with a sturdier red Lady Williams. Cripps was to breed many thousands of offspring before he made his final selection in the early 1970’s. From that one discovery, we now produce over 350 million kilos of Pink Lady® apples each year from 15 different countries where the climate is perfect for them and they are now sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Pink Lady® apples are distinctive from other apples with their refreshing, tangy, sharp and sweet taste which is carefully developed during ripening by a meticulous process: the orientation of tree rows, how branches are positioned, crop thinning to expose maximum amount fruit to the sunlight, just the right amount of water to perfectly balance the soil, and lots of sunshine and space to grow well.  Grown typically in wine growing regions around the world, each apple is left on the tree longer than any other to guarantee that much needed sunshine, and is hand- picked by carefully lifting the apple to the side and turning just a quarter of the way, avoiding any damage to the apple or next years’ fruit.

The pink heart shaped sticker (Flowing Heart) that you find on a Pink Lady® apple is a symbol of authenticity and guarantee of consistent quality throughout the year. To be branded Pink Lady® requires the apple to meet a high minimum quality specification. Not only is it the best apples which make the grade, but to be sure of the quality the International Pink Lady® Alliance employs Compliance Inspectors around the world to check on quality.

If it doesn’t say Pink Lady® – it isn’t!

The Pink Lady® trademarks are registered by Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) in more than 80 territories worldwide and reserved for the exclusive use of licensees