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Amateur Photographer is the world's oldest weekly photographic magazine, established in 1884. It is the respected authority for news and reviews, with detailed tests and investigations on the latest equipment. The weekly content includes interviews and columns from many of the world's leading photographers and practical technique to inspire and enthuse the devoted readership, to whom taking photos is far more than just a hobby.

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camera_magazine_logo_squareCamera magazine is Australia's leading publication for photography enthusiasts and has established a strong reputation for its comprehensive and thoroughly independent test reports, along with how-to articles and portfolios that are designed to both inform and inspire.

First published in 1979, Camera is the only Australian photography magazine that's a member of the global imaging magazine group, TIPA.


Camera JabberCamera Jabber is a photography website built for photographers, by photographers. It goes beyond the general, beyond what’s obvious and caters to the specific needs of photographers. It’s an independent site run by photographers with over 35 years combined experience of working on photographic magazines and websites.

While it’s primarily aimed at enthusiast photographers, Camera Jabber offers reviews of photographic equipment, photography news, buyers’ guides and tips and techniques for photographers at all levels. Content is updated on a daily basis with everything and anything that’s of interest to photographers.
Being independent means that our reviews are honest and our reviewers say what they really think. Our years of photographic experience also go into our technique and tips articles to help and inspire you to take better photographs.

Digital Camera is the world's favourite magazine for photographers. It is aimed at photographers at all levels – from beginners through to seasoned enthusiasts. Each issue is packed with practical advice on ideas on what to shoot, and how to get great results from whatever camera you use. It includes interviews and portfolios from the world's leading photographers, and keeps you up to date with news and reviews of the latest kit.



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Created in 2010, The Eye of Photography is the first online newspaper about photography in its widest range. Daily published in English and French, with seven different articles per day and a dozen of pictures per article, it gives readers an overview of photography all over the word. Read by an international audience, The Eye of Photography is a respected source of knowledge for the art world.

Whether it be the most urgent news or the left-out events, every living forms of photography are in our pages. The newspaper has built a growing and living, worldwide-based community moved by images. The Eye of Photography was founded on a basic principle: showing photography wherever it lives. Recent exhibitions and book released are regularly covered, just as festivals, fairs, auctions, awards, portfolios… This opened lens on the world considers photojournalism eye to eye with fashion photography, street photography or fine art photography. Not a single genre is favoured. These features allow to understand the variety of a medium that became as popular as diverse in its practice. While the newspaper receives more than 700 news and inquiries each day, its articles remain accessible to a great variety of readers.

FoodFM is the ground-breaking global podcast platform, telling powerful, personal, political and uplifting stories about food and wine from around the world

Changing the World Through Food 


SheClicks is a vibrant and welcoming online community dedicated to supporting and empowering female photographers.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting to explore the world of photography, SheClicks offers a treasure trove of resources, inspiration and camaraderie with a podcast, free webinars and meet-ups. There's also plenty of chat, images and advice available in the Facebook Group.




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