Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is open to professional and amateur photographers from anywhere in the world.
Is there a limit to the number of photos I may enter?

No, there is no limit to the number of entries and photos may be entered to more than one category.


What is the deadline for the contest?

The competition closes 10th February 2019 midnight GMT.


How much does it cost to enter the Food Photographer of the Year Awards?

Please see full details on our fees page.


Why is there a fee to enter?

The cost of running a competition is high. There are staff fees associated with organising and running the competition, the prizes, the cost of designing, maintaining and managing the website, and the cost of putting on a series of nationwide exhibitions. The competition fees help to cover these costs.


I am trying to log into the website, but it tells me that it does not recognize my email address. I entered last year with this email.

If you have not logged on to your account for 6 months it will be deactivated and you will be required to register again.


I have uploaded my photos and being under the age of 18 it should be free of charge for me to register but it is asking for payment. What shall I do?

When you register, you are asked if you are over or under 18. You must indicate you are under 18 and then fill out your date of birth. This will allow you to enter free. If you have  incorrectly created your account or experience technical difficulties please contact the team at [email protected]


Can young photographers enter the adult competition?

No, we have 3 specific age categories for age 17 and under.


Is it possible for me to change one of my entries once paid for and submitted?

No. We ask that you upload your images and carefully review them before paying and entering them. Should you require any changes to your entries please contact the team at [email protected] .


Will the photographs I enter have to be removed from my professional website?

Provided you make no reference to your photographs being entered into Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year they may stay on your website. Please see our Terms & Contitions


Can I enter the same photograph in more than one category?



May I present a diptych/triptych to the competition?



Do I need to strip metadata?

No, all identifying information will be removed from the photograph before being presented for judging.


Can I use photographic editing software to correct e.g. lights or contrast?  Or is it forbidden to use any photographic editing software?

You can use editing software to correct an image, however photos which have been enhanced using editing software must not have had the integrity or subject matter of the photograph changed. If the judges consider that this has occurred then entry may be disqualified.


How does the judging process work?

After the closing date every photograph entered will be subjected to preliminary judging, category by category. Selected images from each category will progress to a shortlist and each category shortlist will be presented to a panel of three or four judges. Each judge will rank the images in order of preference.


Results will be combined to establish the finalist images from each category, which will be printed and included in the exhibition. The winning images from each category will be presented to the full panel of judges who will decide as a group which will become the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year.


The entire judging process is conducted anonymously.


When will I know if I have been successful?

Shortlisted entrants will be contacted approximately 8 weeks after the closing date.

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