We have a series of exciting categories for you to enter your creative food photography into, including a new categories InterContinental London Park Lane Food at the Table, The World Food Programme Food for Life and Startisans Food in the Street. Follow the hyperlinks to view previous Finalist images and prepare to be inspired!

BBC Good Food Fresh Talent Award (New)

The BBC Good Food Fresh Talent Award in partnership with Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is a brand new opportunity…

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Chris Terry

World Food Programme Food for Life (NEW)

We are seeking images of the humanitarian aspect of food, anywhere in the world – food bringing people together, the healing and…

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Helen Lewis

InterContinental London Park Lane Food at the Table (NEW)

For the most delicious images of food, photographed in hotels, restaurants, gastropubs and bars anywhere in the world. Whether a glorious…

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Søren Gammelmark

Startisans Food in the Street (NEW)

We are looking for images that show the dynamism of entrepreneurs selling food in the street. From traders selling hand-made…

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Marks & Spencer Food Adventures (Mediterranean)

Seeking the most vivid and enticing images of food and eating across the Mediterranean.   We want to see evocative…

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Oliver Hauser

Cream of the Crop

We want to see the very best product shots, from muddy bunches of carrots to a bowl of rice or…

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Marcin Jucha

Food for Celebration sponsored by Champagne Taittinger

We want to see images of festive, celebratory food from across the world. Whether it be Christmas, Divali or Chanukah,…

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Marco Varoli

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year

We are looking for images of all things vinous. You can submit your image into any of the three sub-categories:…

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Georgina Cope

Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture

We want to see images of food that are good enough to eat. And ready to eat, whatever it may…

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Leonardo Salomão

Partridges Food for Sale

The very best shots of food for sale, be it a Farmers’ Market in Chelsea, spices in Senegal, macaroons in…

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Signe Birck

Production Paradise Food off the Press

We want to see examples from the very best previously-published photographic work, whether from books, newspapers, magazines, advertisements. Gallery…

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Marzena Ryba

Pink Lady® Apple a Day

We are looking for the most exciting, creative, inventive, beautiful images of Pink Lady® apples. They could be on a tree,…

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Gemma Driver

Politics of Food

We are looking for photo-journalistic images that show the reality of issues relating to food anywhere in the world. Subject…

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Anne Smith

Food for the Family

We are seeking images showing families eating in an everyday context, anywhere in the world. Whether at home or out,…

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Kashani Kaveh

Bring Home the Harvest

We want to see images of gathering in food. Whether hunting, shooting, cropping lettuce in a vegetable garden, cutting guava…

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Jennifer Simpson

Food in the Field

Food in its natural setting, whether it is a field of maize, a pig truffling in the mud, apples weighing…

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The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action

In memory of Philip Harben, the first TV chef in the UK, who also started out as a photographer. A…

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Matthew Thomas

Food Bloggers

We are looking for images that perfectly complement the blog and bring the written word to life. The pictures can…

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Lucy Pope

Food Sn-apping

In support of Action Against Hunger.   Pictures of food – any time, any place, anywhere – taken on your…

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Carl Pendle

unearthed® Food in Film supported by delicious.

Take a look at all of our exciting photographic categories such as the Politics of Food, Food for the Family,…

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Will Jenkins

Young (Under 18s)

We are looking for any image at all featuring food. Food in the field, food on your plate, food in…

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Fujifilm Award for Innovation

For the very first time, we shall be presenting the Fujifilm Award for Innovation, for an image chosen from the…

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