"Entering this competition a few years ago totally changed my life and has forged a very successful career for me in food photography. This IS the gold standard for food photographers."
Donna Crous - Winterbotham Darby Food for Sale 2020

"The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year competition has been so valuable for my development as a food photographer, I would urge anyone with a camera, a creative eye and a love of good food to enter."
Chloe Hardwick - One Vision Imaging Cream of the Crop 2020

"Without a doubt, the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year project is the most exciting when it comes to photography related to gastronomy. Each photo is a lesson in beauty and creativity"
Ferran Adria - President of elBullifoundation

"I don't normally enter competitions. However, having seen the quality of entries in previous Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year competitions and the diversity of stunning imagery from around the world, I decided that I would like to put faith in my own work and hopefully contribute to the promotion of photography as a force for good. The competition is an excellent shop window for stunning photography from around the world. I regret not entering it sooner."
Harry Williams - Food in the Field 2021

"Entering the competition gives you an amazing opportunity to showcase your work amongst a renown panel of judges. The categories are very inspiring and broad enough for all photographers to enter."
Sara Painter - Street Food 2020

"As a food photographer, the competition is by far the pinnacle of the food photography year, and it absolutely sets the standard of what is the best innovative work in food photography around the world. It is a really important way for me to push myself to see if I can create the best images possible, and to reach the latter stages is always a truly humbling experience. After all the ways it has benefitted me as a photographer, I can't imagine not entering!"
Robin Goodlad - Pink Lady® Apple a Day 2021

"In our opinion Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is the most influential photography contest about food in the world! Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year gives participants the opportunity to show their images to the whole world. It is an opportunity not to be absolutely missed!"
Cosimo Barletta & Mayda Mason - Production Paradise Previously Published 2020

"Every year I wait to enter like I wait for Christmas. I feel very lucky to be a photographer and for me this competition made me the photographer I am today.

Entering the competition is like going on adventure. It's exiting, fun and surprising. You are a part of wonderful community where you support each other. If you like adventures you should enter this competition and if you win then another adventure will start."
Olimpia Davies - M&S Food Portraiture 2021





Open to professional and amateur, old and young

The awards celebrate the very best in food photography and film from around the world

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