Testimonials Continued

"It's such an amazing opportunity and am very grateful to be able to have my work seen by so many talented judges."
Anne Mason-Hoerter - Clair Aho Award for Women Photographers 2022

"Every year I wait to enter like I wait for Christmas. I feel very lucky to be a photographer and for me this competition made me the photographer I am today.

Entering the competition is like going on adventure. It's exiting, fun and surprising. You are a part of wonderful community where you support each other. If you like adventures you should enter this competition and if you win then another adventure will start."
Olimpia Davies - M&S Food Portraiture 2021


"Thanks for talking the time to shine a light on this corner of the industry. It has helped grow it from strength to strength."
Myles New - Food Film Shorts 2022

"I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. Entering this competition has given me so much confidence."
Kristyn Taylor - The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action 2022

"It is wonderful that you are giving photographers from all around the world the opportunity to present their talent to a broader public."
Diana Kowalczyk - Pink Lady® Apple a Day 2022

"I find competitions like this a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and get your work out there."
Zeynep Marnikovic - Food Film Shorts 2022

"I do not usually enter competitions but entered Pink Lady® because the imagery is so stellar and the contest focuses specifically on food and wine."
Suzanne Becker Bronk - Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2022

"It's such an amazing opportunity and am very grateful to be able to have my work seen by so many talented judges."
Anne Mason-Hoerter - Clair Aho Award for Women Photographers 2022

"I am a food photographer so the moment I found out about the competition I knew I had to take part in it. It's one of the most prestigious food photography competitions in the world. Also so many of the food photographers, I value and get inspired by, encourage other food photographers to participate in it as it can help your work get exposed and be seen by thousands of people in the photography industry. Also, a thought of my photo hanging in the gallery, being part of a prestigious exhibition gives me so much excitement so it was an obvious thing for me to do, give it a go and participate."
Maja Lewicz - One Vision Imaging Cream of the Crop 2021

"To test my creativity and I believe, it is a fabulous platform to show you work. It's so exciting! It's wonderful to be able to discover new talent, hopefully make new connections and see what is out there in terms of creativity.

Send in your best work and simply see what happens. You won't know unless you try! To have the opportunity to have leaders in the field of food photography and styling see ones portfolio is, I believe, worth gold."
Anne Mason-Hoerter - One Vision Imaging Cream of the Crop 2021

"Entering this competition and knowing that it is approaching, inspires me to think about my work and pushes me to shoot new exciting images or bodies of work that I could enter. I would really encourage photographers to enter and go on this journey."
Curtis Gallon - Food at the Table 2021

"It's funny really as I definitely do not see myself as a Food Photographer per se. I am more of a people photographer but food is such a part of our culture, communities and our day to day. This is one of the photography competitions I look in awe at, online, every year and so I thought I would try again but still stay true to myself. It is also well established, professionally presented and has a great outreach."
Lorraine Poole - Champagne Taittinger Food for Celebration 2021

"Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is such a prestigious competition. Definitely the competition is very tough but the laurels outweigh the rigors of the process. Any newbie, who have a penchant for food photography should give it a try as there are lots of category to experiment."
Debdatta Chakraborty - World Food Programme Food for Life 2021

"The Pink Lady® Food Photography of the Year awards provide an excellent opportunity for both professional photographers and enthusiasts to come together and share their work on a global platform. There are images that will captivate, move, and reimagine the world through someone else's lens, it makes you think."
Nik Sharma - Cookbook Author, Photographer, Food Writer

"I have been taking part in this competition since 2017. And in doing this year after year, gave me great satisfaction to my work. The world of food in this contest is simple amazing!"
Judith Balari - Winterbotham Darby Food for Sale 2021

"Photographing images with the Pink Lady® competition in mind makes me a better photographer. Being recognized and acknowledged by the judges, the media, and the Food photography world, is a great honour, professional and personal achievement."
Orly Catz - Food Influencers 2021

"There have been some exceptional entries to this year's food photography awards. Images that prove technical skill and creative thought but that also get to the heart of the warmth and love that's evident when sharing food together."
Fiona Shields - Head of Photography, Guardian News & Media

"I don't usually enter many competitions but Pink Lady® Food Photography Competition is the pre-eminent food image forum and gaining recognition for my work encourages me to become a better photographer."
Andrew Plant - M&S Food Portraiture 2021

"I think it is the only competition in the world where food photography is celebrated in such different aspects, this makes it very interesting. Also the prizes are good and the photo exhibition of the winners is well curated."
Sandro Maddalena - Politics of Food 2021

"Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is the most prestigious and honourable award to get. It will give huge promotion and at the same time there is an opportunity to meet different photographers, scholars from different countries in the award ceremony."
Abir Abdullah - Bring Home the Harvest 2020

"Enter, you have nothing to lose! Even if your images don't quite hit the mark, the feedback you can receive is invaluable, allowing you to develop further to the point where your image can be hugely successful. If you have an interest in food photography, then being part of the competition is an absolute must, and even getting shortlisted is a massive achievement, and only spurs you on to try harder."
Robin Goodlad - Pink Lady® Apple a Day 2021

"The ethics of food in photography is constantly evolving. In the past, the focus was more on trade rather than educating. It has been an honour to be part of the judging process; witnessing the evolution and importance of food from vendor mentality to humanity to artistry."
H.E. Ali Bin Thalith - Secretary General – HIPA

"For me, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is one of the world's leading competitions where I can express myself to the world of food photography, I can learn more about this interesting field and enjoy the "game"."
Duc Bui - Production Paradise Previously Published 2020

"Pink Lady® is such a prestigious award in the food photography industry amongst professionals and amateurs alike - it's open to all which I love. To have a chance at an image of mine being selected for the competition is something I will never pass up. I love everything about these awards, even the years I have not anything selected I enjoy seeing all the work that gets through. It makes me up my own game and give's me something to strive for. We all need goals and this one will always be one of mine.

I think anyone who has an interest in food photography in any aspect should be entering these awards. The calibre of images is so inspiring. Even just browsing through past years entries makes me want to immediately go out and shoot! This is an amazing platform to share a passion for food photography and be in the presence of some of the best and most knowledgable people in the industry. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?"
Sharon Cosgrove - Food Bloggers 2020

"The awards are a great way to expand the reach of your work out to a wider audience, particularly as a young photographer looking to break into the industry. The awards have become very prestigious over the years, so it's a fantastic accolade to have to your name."
Liam Desbois - M&S Food Portraiture 2020

"The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year competition as it's an amazing opportunity for your work to be seen worldwide. It is one of a kind competition gathering creme de la creme of the food photography industry. The variety of categories allows not only food photographers to enter, but also food stylists, students, filmmakers and documentary photographers. Being a finalist or making it to the commenced gallery not only feels fantastic - it's an opportunity to promote your work and be seen by agencies and potential clients. Additionally, the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year social media channels regularly showcase entries. I would highly recommend other photographers to enter."
Julia Dunin - InterContinental Food at the Table 2020

"Entering the competition gives me drive and focus every year, to be innovative, and to continuously work with an ethic that each image I take should be of the highest standard, the best I can deliver. Good enough for the pinnacle of competitions, as well as my clients. I apply a judges eye very time I shoot, thinking whether an image would be good enough for Pink Lady®. If not, why not? What can I do to improve it?"
Robin Goodlad - M&S Food Portraiture/Food in the Field 2020

"I think this contest is a great opportunity for anyone, no matter how far their photographic skill is, or their nationality, to express themselves to the world. The diversity of the judges also proves that."
Eri Hosomi - Production Paradise Previously Published 2020

"I think it's the most famous and prestigious competition. I was looking for challenge and it was only choice."
Roger Kolomlocki - One Vision Imaging Cream of the Crop 2020

"It is the most important event of the industry and it gives me an opportunity to be evaluated as a photographer by so many great and acclaimed professionals."
Emilia Konkol-Pastuszak - Food Bloggers 2020

"It's good kudos, good fun and good publicity, especially for aspiring new/young food photographers."
Howard Shooter - InterContinental Food at the Table 2020

"It is such a high-standard competition that I believe entering is a must for any food photographer."
Marina Spironetti - Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2020

"I enter the competition every year. I feel it is a good exercise to look at your year's work in review and to make a commitment to yourself and your craft by entering them in a competition of this stature. I also use the competition as a marketing exercise for my profile.

It is a great way of looking at your hard of the past year and to see how it stands up against photographers from all over the world."
Hein van Tonder - M&S Food Portraiture/On the Phone 2020

"Since this competition is like the Oscars for food and winephotogrpaphy I have to participate. If you are into this kind of photography and you want to get recognition for your work, this is the place to be. Being among all those great photographers and then making it into the finalists really shows if you are on the right way with your photography."
David Weimann - Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2020

"It's such a well-respected competition, it's something to aim for. It's a great opportunity to look over my work from the year, to remember the highlights and to see my progression."
Sandy Wood - InterContinental Food at the Table 2020

"Pink Lady® is by far my favorite competition. The competition offers great feedback. You get to see the best of the bests work. I am always blown away by the amazing work. I have had work come in from being a finalist in this competition. It has helped my career immensely."
Matt Wilson - Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year/Bring Home the Harvest 2020

"It's not just a beautiful food competition for photographer. You can submit what you want and what you are good at. If you are stylish food photographer here is the good stage for you, also if you are environment fighter or if you are animal protecter here is good stage for your voice. People are doing all they best and get together here. It's so charming for me."
Marc Yang - Politics of Food 2020

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