Fujifilm House of Photography

This December, Fujifilm opened its flagship UK store in Covent Garden, London. On Tuesday 3 December, hundreds of photography fans from across the country queued for hours to explore the world-first concept store.

On Tuesday 3rd December global camera manufacturer Fujifilm opened its doors to the ‘Fujifilm House of Photography’. The flagship store in London’s famous Covent Garden welcomed over 400 people who had queued in the early hours of a cold December morning. 

The unique shopping and photography experience, launched as a sensory photography playground, spans over three floors - each allowing customers to try new cameras, print images and above all else play! There are living walls, selfie pods, photography studios - a magic box for photographers.

Photography experts are on-hand to answer any questions regarding Fujifilm’s incredible range of cameras and to help with printing solutions ensuring photographer of all levels receive help and inspiration.

“Our new flagship store aims to offer a space where every kind of photographer – from smartphone snappers to professionals – can experience the magic of photo-taking and photo-making.” - Theo Georghiades, FUJIFILM House of Photography Project Leader.

“Now the House of Photography is open, visitors can expect a space for creative collaboration and photographic excellence that completely subverts the traditional approach to how consumers expect a photography store to look and feel. We look forward to welcoming the people of London and beyond to our sensory wonderland, and invite them to challenge their creative limits and create amazing images to share with the world.”

Why not challenge your photography limits with the Fujifilm Award for Innovation? Fujifilm have always been at the forefront of product development and industry-leading innovation. In this unique category, we are looking for images which push the creative envelope. The images should excite, challenge and demonstrate true originality.

Images may be shot on any camera, anywhere in the world and the subject matter can be anything at all to do with food. With the opportunity for a 6-month relationship with Fujifilm, find out more about Fujifilm Award for Innovation.

Open for entries until Sunday 9 February 2020.

Check out The FUJIFILM House of Photography for your inspiration. Open seven days a week, with late 8pm closing times on Friday and Saturday nights.

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