How to Win – Judges’ Top Tips

Since Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year’s launch, the competition has attracted entries from all corners of the globe. With categories ranging from Food Stylist Award, through to World Food Programme Food for Life, Fujifilm’s Award for Innovation to Politics of Food, there is something for every kind of photographer.

With over 9000 individual images in 2019, our judging panel is carefully crafted to maintain an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience.

Chaired by David Loftus, our panel range from photographers and magazine editors, to creative directors and film directors, to food retailers and chefs.



All of them touch food and photography in their professional life and have many years, even decades, of experience. We have been honoured over the years that so many great and illustrious international names have given their support, time and expertise.

We asked some of our expert Judges and Ambassadors to share some insight into what they specifically looked for when judging an image.



Our Judges' Top Tips


Rein Skullerud,
Head of Photo Unit, Communications Division, World Food Programme, United Nations


Since becoming head of WFP's Photography Unit in 1999, Rein SKullerud has travelled the world documenting WFP’s life-changing work responding to humanitarian emergencies and helping the world’s poorest build a future free from hunger. Rein’s work tells the story of the world’s hungry through images, capturing their dignity and perseverance as they struggle for a better life. Over the years, his photographs have been published in several international publications including TIME Magazine, Der Spiegel, the Economist, the Guardian and the BBC online. 

What are the most important things you look for when judging?

“To me three elements are most important to me when judging a photo and these are; the emotion the image gives me, the story the single frame tells and last but not least the skill the photographer has applied to produce the image.”

What was one of your favourite finalist images?

“I still believe that the 2019 winning photo is an excellent piece of work because it touches on all three elements listed above.”




Yasia Williams,
Art Director, Octopus Publishing

What are the most important things you look for when judging?

“The three things I’m looking for are:
Originality – I want to see something I’ve never seen before or a familiar image but seeing it photographed from a new and exciting perspective.

The Wow Factor – an image that instantly makes you want to know more about it and continue to look at it.

Feeling – a picture that stirs emotion.’’

What was one of your favourite finalist images?

“My favourite from 2019, which had all three, was the winner of Food for Celebration.”




Henry Dallal,
FRGS, Photographer, Board member HIPA

Former judge and now Ambassador, Henry is a landscape photographer specializing in the equine world. He because fascinated with the Household Cavalry when he first came to London right after the revolution in Iran. His books include Pageantry and Performance on The Household Cavalry and Horse Warriors in India Bronze Medal Winner 2009, amongst many more. He has been honoured to do portraits of Her Majesty The Queen and world leaders.

What are the most important things you look for when judging?

‘‘I look for:

Emotion (engaging somehow with the viewer’s eye)



All the three work together to create a lovely photo.  There is light., form, colour, and a story all of which either engage a viewer or not...’’



Per-Anders Jorgensen,
Founder, Fool Magazine


Since first encountering food photography 20+ years ago when approached by Gourmet Magazine he has tried to see beyond the stereotypes of food photography. Using almost exclusively natural daylight he has worked with top chefs and clients all over the world transforming dishes and produce into visually thrilling pictures as well as photographing portraits that touch the soul.

In 2012 he together with his wife founded the award-winning magazine Fool, a high end take on gastronomy, quite unlike any other.

What are the most important things you look for when judging?

“I look for the ability to look sideways.”

What was one of your favourite finalist images?

"Pig Hanging - An image that manages to be both provocative and fun.”





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