Inspiring Creativity – Apple Day

This October, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year celebrated #AppleDay with a 24-hour takeover of images from our Pink Lady® Apple a Day category.

On 21 October 2021, our 24-hour takeover will shine a light on previous winners and highly commended images from the category. On the hour, every hour, we will share one of these wonderful images from over the last ten years of Pink Lady® Apple a Day.

Across this decade, the category has delivered highly innovative and creative images of which our diverse panel of judges have appraised.

Ahead of Apple Day, we wanted to look at the category, and the kind of creative photography it encompasses.

We then want to inspire creative ways to celebrate Apple Day with us this month. 



Pink Lady® Apple a Day - The Category


We are looking for the most exciting, creative, inventive, beautiful images of Pink Lady® apples. They could be on a tree, on a plate, floating through the air, bobbing in water, in a child’s hand, however you see them. We want to see the simplest, most delicious of foods represented in the most inspiring way.

We asked Nicola Galloway, Ambassador and past judge for Pink Lady® Apple a Day category, to share with us her favourite  Pink Lady® Apple a Day image.

One of New Zealand’s top foodies, Nicola is an award-winning Cookbook Author, Culinary Tutor & Food Photographer.

Nicola chose 2020 category winner, Diana Kowalczyk’s 'Caramel Lady.' 



“I love the natural lighting and how the apples are clearly the focus point but there is also more to the image to so create a story.”


This is just one of our amazing finalist images. Want to see more? Discover more finalists work from the category and keep your eyes pealed on the 21st for more inspiration.




Celebrating #AppleDay


We asked Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Judge, Herman Lensing, to share with us some inspiration for celebrating #appleday.

Herman is the Food editor and Stylist for SARIE KOS magazine, South Africa. He is also a cookbook author and TV presenter.

To celebrate #AppleDay, Herman shared with us his favourite Pink Lady® Apple recipe -  Pink Lady®-apple frangipane tart.

Why not try out a recipe with apples, and discover the ways in which apples can be photographed and styled throughout the process? Whether creatively, beautifully, or even distorted.

Discover Tips and Tricks in photographing such food on our Guide to Photographing Sweet Foods & Desserts | Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year


Photo credit: Michael Le Grange




Whatever your inspiration, join us on our social platforms to celebrate #AppleDay this October.





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