Interview with Food Photographer – Olaf Tamm

In 2013 photographer Olaf Tamm was our Cream of the Crop category winner for his image, 'Manx Queenie: Manx Queen Scallop: A freshly opened “Queenie” in the hand of a seafood retailer at Peel, Isle of man U.K.'

Olaf Tamm Manx Queenie Crop

Camera / Technical Detail: Nikon d 3, 60 mm 1.2,8 Micro

Olaf said of being a category winner, 'it is an honour and it makes me proud that my work in food photography is regarded and respected internationally.'


We asked him to tell us a little about where he lives and if, at all, it influences his photography.

I´m not sure, if my personal passion for seafood is based on living close to the North Sea in Germany, I´m living and working as a freelance photographer in Hamburg / Germany. My career as a food photographer started in 1991 with a fruit still life series. It was awarded with the first prize – winner of the Reinhart-Wolf-Preis for young German photography.

My photographic work always focuses on still life, food and documentaries. Coming from the studio based food and still life photography, I became very passionate about food reportages over the past 10 years.

My work is published in various national and international magazines such as MARE, Stern, Feinschmecker, GeoSaison, Elle Bistro, Merian, Food Illustrated U.K., and the Australian Marie Claire Lifestyle.

My most interesting journey in 2013 so far was my first trip to Japan. Foodwise it is one of the most interesting, unique and very regional orientated countries I have seen. I hope to get the chance for a second visit to intensify my first impressions. I look forward to sharing the images I captured in the near future.

What first interested you in food photography?

The joy of life. Through my work as a Food Photographer I get the chance to meet so many people who are taking care of our food and drink. It doesn´t matter if you are a farmer or a 3 star chef. Respecting the product, roots or fruits and making with great enthusiasm the best out of it, in order to delight the audience with any kind of taste. My joy is to watch and visualize that. At the end I like food very much and more I love to test and taste!

Which photographers, if any, have most influenced your work?

Irving Penn, Christian von Alvensleben


We hope you have enjoyed reading more about our 2013 Cream of the Crop category winner Olaf Tamm, if you would like to see more of Olaf’s work you can visit his website at

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